EIC Accelerator winners and statistics October 2022

The third and latest cut-off call of the EIC Accelerator for 2022 closed on October 5, with more than 1000 applications requesting funding, which means that this call has also been highly competitive. The results from the latest 2022 EIC Accelerator cut-off have been published:

  • Selected companies will receive up to €470 million of funding (combining grants and investments),
  • From more than 1000 proposals submitted, 240 reached the interview and 78 of them have been approved,
  • In this last call, blended finance (57%) has also been the dominant funding type.

EIC Accelerator October 2022 statistics and success rates

This last cut-off has been more competitive since 1092 applications have been submitted, which shows an increase of 10.75% in the number of applications compared to the previous call, where 986 proposals were submitted.

From the 1092 applications, 240 reached the interview (21.98%) and only 78 of them have received funding (7.14% success rate). These 78 companies will each receive grants and/or equity investments, depending on their needs, up to €17.5 million. Being the EIC Fund already fully operational, equity investments are expected to be accelerated.

The success rates according to the financing type are as follows:

  • Blended-finance: From 78 awardees, 44 of them will  receive blended finance (57%),
  • Grant-first: it was the second most awarded financing as 21 successful applications requested grant-first  (27%),
  • Finally, grant-only gathered 12 winners (16%).
  • Only one single company has been awarded equity only finance.

Noteworthy, there has been an increase in grant first applications invited to the interview (35%) compared to the March and June cut-offs. The following chart summarizes the EIC winners October 2022 per application type:

In this cut-off, the geographic profile of the selected companies spread across 17 countries. The top 3 countries with regards to the number of selected companies are Germany (17%), Netherlands (14%) and France & Spain (12%), while Estonia, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Norway and Slovenia (1,28%) are the are the countries with the fewest applications accepted. 

The table below shows the full list of winners including EyeScanner, and Chassis Autonomy, two startups that are revolutionizing the mobility landscape and with whom Strata has the privilege to be working on their soft funding strategies:

Company NameProposal AcronymShort DescriptionRecommended Financing TypeWebsiteCountry
Brainhero GmbHBrainhero – Embracing NeurodiversityScience-based Brain Training at the comfort of your home – medically certifiedGrant onlyhttps://brainhero.eu/en/ Austria
Intelligent NLU GmbHDeepOpinionDemocratizing AI for cognitive process automationGrant firsthttps://deepopinion.ai/ Austria
Kern Tec GmbHCyanide Extraction TechnologyTechnology to detoxify oilseeds / fruit seeds that contain cyanogenic glycosides to upcycle and making them edible and usable in the food industry for the first timeBlended financehttps://www.kern-tec.com/enAustria
Blue Planet Ecosystems GmbHLARALandbased-Automated-Recirculating-AquacultureBlended financehttps://www.blueplanetecosystems.com/Austria
Axiles BionicsSolaris ProjectAXILES Bionics: Solaris ProjectBlended financehttps://www.axilesbionics.com/ Belgium
FOX BIOSYSTEMS NVEV FoxExtracellular Vesicles Fiber Optic Surface Plasmon Resonance selection and analysisGrant onlyhttps://foxbiosystems.com/ Belgium
Vésale Bioscience SPRLPhagediagFast, easy diagnostics for personalised phage therapyGrant onlyhttps://vesalepharma.com/en/ Belgium
PCUBE-LABNeuroClues: the clinical must-have for NeurologistA first-of-a-kind portable, fast and easy to use eye tracking medical device that brings clinically validated eye movement biomarkers for movement disorders (MDs) into the clinical routine of neurologists.Blended financehttps://p3lab.com/ Belgium
Enduro Genetics ApsBioScaleBiosensor Activated Biomanufacturing Scale-upGrant firsthttps://enduro.bio/ Denmark
Reblade ApSflying factoryFlying Repair Drone for Wind Turbines BladesGrant firsthttps://reblade.dk/ Denmark
EFENCO OUherc accelerating industrial co2 neutralityReducing natural gas needs and carbon emissions in industrial usage and transforming industry towards hydrogen with HERC, a novel plasma-assisted combustion (PAC) technologyBlended financehttps://www.efenco.eu/ Estonia
Aurora Propulsion Technologies OyAurora Plasma Brake (APB)Deorbiting and collision avoidance technologies for scalable sustainable space accessBlended financehttps://aurorapt.fi/ Finland
HERANTIS PHARMA OYJReTreatPDRevolutionary therapeutic treatment for stopping progression of Parkinson’s diseaseBlended financewww.herantis.com Finland
Hurricane Unwinder Oy AbSKYFORANext-generation weather intelligence for more accurate decision making throughout the economyBlended financehttps://www.skyfora.com/ Finland
Infinite Orbits SASEnduranceIn-Orbit Services to Satellites OperatorsBlended financehttps://www.infiniteorbits.io/ France
3DEUS DYNAMICS SASDynamic Molding (DM)An innovative and versatile Additive Manufacturing Process: Dynamic MoldingBlended financehttps://3deusdynamics.com/ France
ELICIT PLANTGeneration Biosourced BiologicalsBiosourced biologicals composed of Phytosterols to elicit plant response to water stress and to biotic stress as part of the transition to ecological agricultureBlended financehttps://www.elicit-plant.com/ France
CORWAVECALYPSO IIThe next-generation heart pump to change patients’ lives and create a new standard of careEquity Onlyhttp://www.corwave.com France
CARMATAeson®The world’s most advanced total artificial heart (TAH)Blended financehttps://www.carmatsa.com France
NEXDOTNexdiagRevolutionising allergies diagnostics with the next generation of ultra-sensitive highly multiplexed diagnostic tests based on micro-pearlsBlended financehttps://nexdot.fr/ France
AVATAR MEDICALAVATARUnlocking the Power of Medical Images for SurgeonsGrant firstavatarmedical.ai France
SONIOd3pmSonio: Deep-Learning for Detection and Diagnostic of Prenatal MalformationsBlended financehttps://sonio.ai/ France
Releaf Paper France SASReleaf Paper – sustainable leaves-based paperReleaf Paper – breakthrough technology for sustainable production of leaves-based fibre disrupting paper production and eco packaging industriesBlended financehttps://releaf-paper.com/ France
Tanso Technologies GmbHTCF – Tanso Total Carbon FootprintAI-based Total-Carbon-Footprint for a low-carbon European manufacturing sectorGrant onlywww.tanso.io Germany
Variolytics GmbHVARIOEmission controll system for wastewater treatmentBlended financehttps://variolytics.de/en/ Germany
Energy Robotics GmbHedge airOn the edge AI-driven Autonomous Inspection RobotsGrant firsthttps://www.energy-robotics.com/ Germany
Dloop GmbHcastConveniant, advanced, secure and touchless fingerprint scanning for identification purposesBlended financewww.id-loop.de Germany
LIGHTNTEC GMBHLED-foil-displayThe ultra thin, flexible, lightweight and endless scalable video foil for dynamic ambient lighting and outdoor displaysBlended financehttps://lightntec.com/ Germany
FaradaIC Sensors GmbHFaradaICFaradaIC: Miniaturising Gas Sensors to enable new sensing possibilities in IoT devicesBlended financehttps://webensmittel.de/F.html Germany
PRECISIS GMBHBFOREBreakthrough Brain Stimulation Device for EpilepsyGrant firstwww.precisis.de Germany
AkknaTek GmbHNext level cataract surgeryNext level cataract surgeryBlended financewww.akknatek.com Germany
Actome GmbHPICO-NGSFirst time ultra-sensitive and simultaneous quantification of proteins, interactions, and post-translational modifications in single cells to enable exponential growth in proteomics and interactomicsBlended financehttps://actome.de/ Germany
CORTEC GMBHBIC ONEBrain Interchange ONE SR—the implantable neuromodulation technology for stroke rehabilitationBlended financehttps://www.cortec-neuro.com/ Germany
NANO4IMAGING GMBHTRACKRAn AI powered turn-key solution for MRI based interventional cardiologyGrant firsthttp://www.nano4imaging.com/ Germany
Reverion GmbHReverionReversibly operating fuels cells for clean energy and long-term storageGrant firsthttps://www.reverion.de/ Germany
IonKraft GmbHIonKraftCoatingPlasma technology as enabler for sustainable plastic packagingGrant firstwww.ionkraft.com Germany
Arctic Therapeutics ehfDNACADementia/Alzheimer Drug Attributed to Cystatin-C and other mutations – precision medicine drug developmentBlended financehttps://www.arctictherapeutics.com/ Iceland
Vaultree LimitedVAULTVAULTGrant onlywww.vaultree.com Ireland
Vigor Medical Technologies LTDC-LANT Drainage PortLife Saving Technology for Thoracic Trauma Treatment and Post Operative DrainageGrant firstwww.vigormt.com Israel
Energy Dome SPACO2 BatteryCO2 based Utility-Scale Long Duration Energy StorageBlended financehttps://energydome.com/ Italy
ALVUS SRLAlvusA complete biomethane set, from agricultural byproducts to energy, a new concept for the exploitation of agricultural residuesBlended financehttps://www.alvus.it/ Italy
VALUEBIOTECH SRLM.I.L.A.N.O. RobotTransforming everyday surgery into a painless and scarless experienceGrant firstwww.valuebiotech.com Italy
Newronika SPAalphadbsAdpative DBSGrant firsthttps://newronika.com/ Italy
TENSIVE SRLregeneraA natural breast for cancer survivors: resorbable implant supporting tissue regenerationBlended financewww.tensivemed.com Italy
ARSPECTRA S.à r.l.FLUARFLUARGrant firsthttps://www.arspectra.com/ Luxembourg
Circu Li-ion S.A.AUTOMATED BATTERY UPCYCLINGAutomated Lithium-Ion battery upcycling process using robotics and computer vision to deliver sustainable energy storage at scaleBlended financewww.circuli-ion.com Luxembourg
MAEVE AEROSPACE B.V.Maeve 01Maeve 01 – an All-electric Commuter AircraftBlended financehttps://maeve.aero NeNetherlands
Dimenco B.V.Simulated RealitySR – the next generation display technology that empowers users to naturally and intuitively work, play and communicate in 3D – without wearablesBlended financehttps://www.dimenco.eu/ Netherlands
Protinhi B.V.ATLASThe first broad-spectrum treatment against pandemic-prone flaviviral infections: Dengue, West-Nile and ZikaBlended financehttp://www.protinhi.com Netherlands
NC Biomatrix BVVitaDiscA novel non-invasive therapy based on injectable viscous gel for restoring the natural biomechanics of the spine and relieving patients from painGrant firsthttps://ncbiomatrix.com/ Netherlands
NICO-LAB BVStrokeFlowEmpowering physicians to provide every stroke treatment with the right treatment in time, with StrokeFlowGrant firsthttps://www.nicolab.com/ Netherlands
XENIKOS BVMIT-IDModulatory immunotherapy for severe immune diseaseGrant firsthttps://www.xenikos.com/ Netherlands
ScanTrust B.VSECURE QR CODESecure Authentication of Products for EveryoneGrant firsthttps://www.scantrust.com/ Netherlands
Odd.Bot B.V.Agri-Think Robot AA Disruptively New Approach to Weed Management Shaping the Future of Sustainable AgricultureBlended financehttps://www.odd.bot/Netherlands
inphocal BVinPhocalDevelopment of an enhanced laser beam technology based on a new optical system for industrial laser processing applicationsGrant firsthttps://inphocal.com/ Netherlands
SAIA AGROBOTICS BVAUTOFARMAutonomous Indoor FarmingBlended financewww.saia-agrobotics.com Netherlands
iOnctura BVCURE-PDACCURE-PDACBlended financewww.ionctura.com Netherlands
IRIS AI ASThe Digital R&D team memberA Digital R&D team member, automating scientific knowledge handling, allowing European R&D to increase their speed of innovationBlended financewww.iris.aiNorway
Flexofibers Europa S.LFlexoFibersUnlocking the potential of second life steel fibers from tire waste for the construction industryBlended financewww.flexofibers.com Spain
Gate2brain S.L.GATE2BRAINGATE2BRAIN. Medicines beyond barriers.Grant firsthttps://gate2brain.com Spain
INBRAIN NEUROELECTRONICS SLEGNITEEngineering Graphene for developing Neural Interfaces to revolutionize how we treat neurological diseasesBlended financehttps://www.inbrain-neuroelectronics.com/ Spain
ULTRASOUNDINNOVATION MEDTECH SOCIEDAD LIMITADAFineBirthPoint of care diagnostic solution for definitive differentiation of true and false threatened preterm labour casesBlended financewww.innitius.comSpain
ELEM BIOTECH SLELVISELEM Virtual Heart Populations for SupercomputersBlended financehttp://elem.bio Spain
ABCDx SALVOCheckDiagnosis of large vessel occlusion (LVO) in acute stroke for improving access to treatmentBlended financehttps://www.abcdx.ch Spain
TIME IS BRAIN S.L.promiseBraiN20®: A paradigm shift in Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS) patient managementBlended financehttp://www.tibtimeisbrain.com/Spain
ALA Diagnostics, S.L.ALA DIAGNOSTICS MS KITRevolutionising the diagnosis of multiple Sclerosis with the first bioinformatic diagnostic kit that allows early detection with a simple blood testGrant firsthttps://aladiagnostics.com/ Spain
Water Challenge SLASECThe first energy and cost-efficient disruptive ZLD Technology for dredged material management, allowing circular economy and zero pollutionGrant firstwww.waterchallenge.eu Spain
Ekkono Solutions ABEkkono FLIIoTEkkono Synthesis: Federated Learning for the Industrial IoTBlended financehttps://www.ekkono.ai Sweden
Cyto365 ABRondelORondelO – the first medical stopcock designed for sequential intraveneous infusion of incompatible drugsBlended financehttp://www.cyto365.com/ Sweden
Eyescanner Technology Sweden ABEYESCANNEREyescanner is a versatile digital tool that can use existing tech infrastructure: smart phones, integrated into cars, hospital equipment.Blended financehttps://www.eyescanner.se Sweden
Chassis Autonomy SBA ABTrueSbWFail-operational safety – making autonomous vehicles a realityBlended financehttp://chassisautonomy.com Sweden
EMBEDL ABEmbeDLFaster and More Energy Efficient Machine Learning for Embedded SystemsGrant onlyhttps://www.embedl.com/ Sweden
Dxcover LtdDXCOVEREarly detection of brain cancer through serum spectroscopy: for much-needed timely detection and diagnosis during the optimal treatment window, when lives can be saved.Grant onlyhttps://www.dxcover.com United Kingdom
Gold Standard Phantoms LimitedPREDICTPRostate cancer Enhanced Diagnosis by Calibration TechnologyGrant onlywww.goldstandardphantoms.com United Kingdom
Alesi Surgical LtdePIPACePIPACGrant onlyhttps://alesi-surgical.com/ United Kingdom
DEEP RENDER LTDDeepVidDevelopment, demonstration and validation of AI-based video compression in accordance with the human visual systemGrant onlyhttps://deeprender.ai/United Kingdom
My Personal Therapeutics LimitedAI-PDPApplying AI to scale up the Personal Discovery Process-A world-first, full-genome, personalised patient clinical trial for cancerGrant onlyhttps://vivantx.com/United Kingdom
Afon Technology LimitedGlucowear non-invasive real time CGMGlucowear: A non-invasive, wearable, real time continuous blood glucose monitoring sensorGrant onlywww.afontechnology.comUnited Kingdom

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