For some people, the Olympic games is the most awaited competition. For some others, it’s all about football. But for some others, the EIC calls are the events of the year.

As the first call of this year was on March 23, 2022, results have been recently published:

  • 74 companies have been funded by the EIC in the March 2022 call with a total of €382M,
  • Germany, France and Finland are the top 3 countries,
  • 51% of the approved projects requested blended finance.

2022 EIC Accelerator cut-off

 From over 1000 start-ups and SMEs, 74 disruptive companies have been selected by the European Commission in the March 2022 EIC Accelerator cut-off. Through grants and investments, companies will receive €382 million of funding and/or equity investments, depending on their needs, worth up to €17.5 million. The following chart summarizes the EIC winners March 2022 per application type:

In this first cut-off of 2022, the geographical focus spread to 18 countries. The top 3 countries with regards tothe number of selected companies are Germany (20%), France (16%) and Finland (8%), while Poland and Portugal (4%), Bulgaria (3%) and Estonia (1%) are the are the countries with the fewest applications accepted. 12% of the applications come from Horizon Europe widening countries that are upgrading their levels of research and innovation, in line with the objectives of the European Research Area.

Within the selected projects and companies that will receive the support of the EIC, we find some of them that focus on the healthcare area, such as Seven Sense, from Estonia, or I-CREATE, from Finland. Others focus on the environment and energy field, such as LAYER, France-based, or Seawei Project, from Denmark. Finally, we find Magrail (from Poland) which has a focus on mobility, and the German Mushlabs, with a focus on biotechnology applied to food.

The table below includes the full list of winners:

Company NameProposal AcronymShort Description Recommended Financing TypeWebsiteCountry
OctaveiBEMS-SeLiBatIntegrated Battery and Energy Management System for Second-Life Battery energy storageBlended Belgium
regeneration bvbaResortecsSolving the challenge of multi-material garment recycling with thermal disassemblyBlended Belgium
XENOMATIXSE€Unlocking LiDAR technology for European OEMS: For a future of smart and safe Traffic and MobilityGrant first Belgium
DRONAMICS Ltd.DronamicsThe first European cargo drone airlineBlended finance Bulgaria
TRANSMETRICS ADTransmetricsThe AI platform that optimizes logistics planning and asset management by leveraging the power of predictive analytics and artificial intelligenceBlended finance Bulgaria
Kvasir Technologies IVSSEAFARERLignocellulosic oil: novel biofuel platform for maritime transportationGrant first Denmark
Seaborg TechnologiesSEAWEIDelivering Clean, Affordable, and Safe Nuclear Energy with the Compact Molten Salt ReactorBlended finance Denmark
Seventh Sense7senseIndependent mobility to the blind and visually impaired using wearable remote touch sensing technologyGrant Estonia
Aplagon OyAPAC-ONAPAC – the first targeted therapy for peripheral arterial occlusive disease.Blended finance Finland
Carbo Culture OyCARBONCAPSCARBONCAPS – Efficient and verifiable carbon removal with ecosystem co-benefitsBlended Finland
CH-BIOFORCE OYCHBPLANTCH-Bioforce first-of-its-kind production plantBlended Finland
TILT BIOTHERAPEUTICS OYI-CREATEFighting cancer with next generation oncolytic immunotherapy in ovarian, head & neck, and lung cancers (Immune Checkpoint Response Enabling Adenovirus Technology )Blended finance Finland
SURGIFY MEDICAL OYSSB2Surgify Safety Burrs for safer bone surgeryBlended Finland
Peili Vision OyVR4NEUROBuilding the world’s largest digital hospital for neurological challengesGrant first Finland
ALKION BIOINNOVATIONSAlkaBurst2.0AlkaBurst2.0 – A game changing bioreactor for sustainable production of active pharmaceutical ingredients in a consistent, traceable and low cost approachBlended finance France
PREDISURGEConfidentConfident®, the digital simulation platform that revolutionizes cardiovascular interventionsBlended finance0France
CAILABSCROCUSCoherent Rapid Optical Communication Under the StratosphereBlended finance France
Scipio bioscienceDEEP-IN-CELLInnovative single-cell RNA-seq kit to detect the rarer and more significant cellular genomic expressionsBlended finance France
CONNECTING FOODDIGI-TRUSTYDIGItal Twins of food pRoducts UnleaShing TransparencYBlended finance France
PERHA PHARMACEUTICALS SASDOWN-AUTONOMYLCTB-21: A DYRK1A protein kinase inhibitor for treatment of cognitive decline in Down Syndrome.Blended finance France
BraineverHOMEOBRAINHomeoproteins as novel therapies for neurodegenerative diseasesGrant first France
DRACULA TECHNOLOGIESLAYER®Development of an organic photovoltaic module that generates energy from ambient lightBlended finance France
KLEARIAPANDaPANDa – Portable Multi-ANalyzer for the Detection of metals in waterGrant first France
Core Biogenesis SASSEBScalable and Eco-friendly BioproductionBlended finance0France
Sakowin SASSouth BeachCO2-free, on-demand, on-site production of low-cost green hydrogen produced with micro-wave plasmaBlended France
Easyl SASUPERZINCSustainable powder materials for zinc rechargeable batteriesGrant France
Freiburger Medizintechnik GmbHAmbiJetAmbiJet: the world’s first and only highly effective plasma-based solution for Europe’s 16 Million periimplantitis patients urgently needing help to avoid losing their dental implantGrant first Germany
ADJUCOR GMBHBiventricular Epicardial Augmentation TechnologyA revolutionary technology platform for providing life-saving treatment for end-stage heart failure patientsGrant Germany
CODASIP GMBHCodasip RISC-V Solution for High-end Processor IPCodasip High-end processor IP and high-level design tools for RISC-VBlended Germany
Dermagnostix GmbHDERMAGNOSTIXPioneering diagnostics in dermatology and cancerGrant first
Envola GmbHEnvola storage heat pump – a new product categoryThe Envola storage heat pump enables the world’s first highly energy-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation system significantly reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.Grant Germany
LiveEO GmbHEOinTimeSatellite-based change detection and predictive monitoring of infrastructure grids based on high resolution dataGrant onlu Germany
ConstellR GmbHHiVEPrecise, Global Temperature Data for a Growing PlanetBlended finance Germany
Crocus Labs GmbHminiSunDisrupting the horticulture industry with smart lighting solutionsBlended finance Germany
Mushlabs GmbHMushlabsUsing biotechnology to create the next generation of sustainable foods from the roots of mushroomsBlended finance Germany
NUVENTURA GMBHNuventuraNovel dry air switchgear technology to reduce industry’s dependence on SF6Blended finance Germany
TWAICE Technologies GmbHPredictive Battery AnalyticsTWAICE predictive analytics and digital twin ecosystem to optimise and automate batteries second life and reuseGrant Germany
Thericon GmbHrMSIReal-time multi-spectral imaging for accurate detection of cancerous tissue in endoscopic surgeryGrant first Germany
alocalo GmbHSmartOnlineSalesRedirecti onPlatformNovel AI-based shopping platform for 100% product supply transparency and smart redirection from ecommerce platforms to local retail to create a resilient European retail sectorGrant first Germany
VesselSens GmbHStentGuardClinical validation of the First Implantable Sensor System for Wireless detection of stent occlusion/ restenosisGrant first Germany
COMPUTOMICS GMBHTRAIT4.0TRansition to agriculture 4.0: increasing crop resiliency with Artificial Intelligence TechnologyBlended finance Germany
DT EQUIPMENT EHFIREASIntelligent Real-time Elemental Analysis SystemBlended Iceland
Venari Medical LimitedEnVenaAutomatic vein wall disruption, triggering the body’s natural cellular healing response to close targeted veins curing Venous Leg UlcersGrant ireland
LOCI ORTHOPAEDICS LIMITEDInDx CMC ImplantThe InDx CMC Implant. A new treatment for thumb base joint arthritisBlended ireland
OVAGEN GROUP LIMITEDOvavax2Accelerating scale up and commercialisation of 100% bacteria free eggs for use in production of vaccinesBlended finance ireland
Selio Medical LtdSelio SystemDevelopment and commercialisation of a novel needle tract sealant system for pneumothorax prevention during lung biopsyGrant only ireland
Restore Medical LtdContrabandContraBand: the only heart failure medical device that is placed outside the heartGrant first Israel
GenetikaPlus LtdRxMineA simple blood test to choose the best treatment for each patient with depressionGrant Israel
RISE TECHNOLOGY SRLiSPLASHIndustrial Selective PLAting for Solar HeterojunctionGrant first Italy
HY2CARE BVACTIVEArticular Cartilage Treatment with Injectable hydrogel is Valuable and long-term EffectiveBlended Netherlands 
ATRO MedicalAL U KNEEDFirst in class lateral meniscus prothesis to relieve pain and restore mobility for KOA patientsGrant Netherlands 
QuantWare B.VDEMOQCDemocratizing quantum computing with 3D scalable and customizable quantum processorsBlended finance Netherlands 
AMT MEDICAL RESEARCH BVELANA®Bypassing open heart surgery with Excimer Laser Assisted Non Occlusive Anastomosis (ELANA®)Grant first Netherlands 
Qu & Co B.V.Qu&Co-FlowQuantum software platform for multiphysics simulationsBlended finance Netherlands 
INVIVO BIONICS ASPRESSUROA life-changing PREssure Sensor System for UROdynamics to solve global urinary storage and voiding problemsGrant first Norway
Ecopolplast spolka z o.o.EcoplastomerBreakthrough Technology for Plastic and Rubber Waste Circular TPEGrant first Poland
Camino Science sp. z silico bio-evolutioin silico bio-evolutio – novel AI paradigm for molecular biologyGrant first0Poland
HYPER POLAND SPOLKA Z OGRANICZONA ODPOWIEDZIALNOSCIAMagrailWelcome to the age of frictionless mobilityGrant first Poland
AI4MedImaging Medical Solutions S.A.AI4CMRAI-based clinical software for fully automated Cardiac Magnetic Resonance reportingGrant only Portugal
Peek Health, S.A.PeekMedAutoNovel AI-based system for orthopedic surgery to help surgeons fully automate the pre-operative planning of knee osteotomyGrant Portugal
WATGRID LDAWinegridReal time data collection and analytics platform for automatic adjustment of vinification process parameters, a path toward sustainable precision vinificationBlended finance Portugal
SAALG GEOMECHANICS SLGEORGIAGEOtechnical deRisk by Genetic Inverse AnalysisBlended finance Spain
NEOS NEW BORN SOLUTIONS SLNEOSONICSThe first medical device for non-invasive detection and monitoring of infant meningitisBlended finance Spain
Alcyon Photonics SLSPHUNSmart PHotonic devices Using Novel metamaterialsBlended finance Spain
IGNION SLTRIO++The First Miniaturized 
Non-Resonant Antenna Tailored to 
Internet of Things ApplicationsBlended finance Spain
Elicera Therapeutics ABCD20CARNAPTiTANK: a nuniversal technology to boost the efficacy of CAR T cell therapies by inducing dual mode-of-actioGrant only Sweden
XENERGIC ABHIGH-MEMOUltra-High Speed memories for unprecedented cloud-computing performanceGrant Sweden
CellevateSBMP-microcarrierSBMP – disrupting the manufacturing of biological drugs through a ground-breaking nanotechnology-based microcarrierBlended finance Sweden
CATTLE EYE LTDDAIRYSCOREScalable, Autonomous and Continuous AI-based Video Monitoring to Improve Animal Welfare, Increase Performance and Reduce Carbon FootprintGrant only United Kingdom
hyperTunnel LimitedhyperSwarmSwarm construction to deliver disruptive step-change improvements to tunnellingGrant United Kingdom
MULTUS Biotechnology LimitedMultus MediaEnabling affordable and sustainable cultivated meat with a first-in-class growth medium.Grant only United Kingdom
ARC Marine LTDRESPReef Enhancement Scour ProtectionGrant only United Kingdom
Nemesis Bioscience LimitedTransmidsInactivation of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes in an animal gut microbiome and prevention of horizontal AMR gene transmissionGrant onlyhttp://www.nemesisbio.comUnited Kingdom

By Sara Gavidia

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