Do you want to get a 40 minutes video introduction to the EIC Accelerator? We have developed a series of short videos that present the most important aspects to be taken into account when preparing your company for the EIC (European Innovation Council) Accelerator.

Increase your chance of success in getting grants and investments from the biggest startup support programme in Europe! The EIC will invest and grant more than €7 billion until 2027 in the most disruptive and scalable startups. Will your startup be one of the selected ones?

This course is useful for all those assessing the possibility to prepare an application to the EIC Accelerator; those who might have already read the “EIC Appplicants guide” but who also want to have some insiders about the process, the chance of success and the evaluation process. It can also be interesting for companies with a rejected proposal aiming to try a second try.

Strata’s mission: Helping science-based companies raise funding (1:29)

In this video, we present our mission.

EIC Accelerator general information (5:42)

We give a very brief introduction on the eligibility criteria of the EIC Accelerator. We also present how we at Strata help science-based startups secure EIC and EU funding.

EIC Accelerator: Critical Success Factors (10:45)

You will get an overview of the critical success factors of an EIC Accelerator application.

EIC Accelerator. Choosing the right application strategy (8:30)

We review the four different types of applications (grant-only, grant-first, equity and blended finance) an applicant can submit to the EIC Accelerator program and we also present the four different co-investment scenarios the EIC Fund establishes.

Gaining early market traction (6:56)

We explain how science-based companies can gain early market traction before they even have a product; a critical success factor when aiming to obtain EIC (or any other) funding!

EIC Accelerator. Building an effective work plan (4:55)

You will better understand how to adapt your project plan to  an EIC Accelerator application


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Image by kinkate from Pixabay

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