EIC Accelerator winners and statistics June 2022

June is usually a month most people like as it’s the beginning of the summer and it usually means holidays. However, for European deep-tech entrepreneurs and startups, June is also special because of the second EIC Accelerator cut-off.

The results of the second EIC 2022 call have been recently announced:

  • From a total of 986 proposals submitted, 232 reached the interviews and 75 of them were approved. 
  • Total funding amounts to €400 million combining grants and equity investments.
  • Blended finance has been the most requested financing type (65%).

EIC Accelerator June 2022 statistics and success rates

As usual, the EIC Accelerator June 2022 was highly competitive and, from 986 applications, only a total of 75 companies were successful. 23.53% of the applications were successful in the step 2 evaluation, and this percentage slightly increased in step 3  to 32.33% (interview stage). The combined success rate of steps 2 and 3 was therefore 7.61%.

The success rates according to the financing type are as follows:

  • Blended-finance: A total of 638 applications requested blended finance as financing type (65%), and the number of approvals amounted to 43 (6.74% success rate). 
  • Grant-first: it was the second most requested type (19%, 190 applications), with 24 approved (12.63% success rate). 
  • Finally, grant-only gathered 158 applications (16%) and the approvals amounted to 8 (5.06% success rate).

As blended finance and grant first have been the main options of funding chosen by companies, it shows a strong demand for EIC equity investments, which will be made through the already fully operational EIC Fund. The following chart summarizes the EIC winners June 2022 per application type:

In this cut-off, the geographic profile of the selected companies spread across 21 countries. The top 3 countries with regard to the number of selected companies are France (17%), Germany (10%), and the United Kingdom (9%), while Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Romania and Slovenia (1%) are the countries with the fewest applications accepted. 

The table below shows the full list of winners including Levistor, a company Strata has the privilege to support in their EIC journey:

Company NameProposal AcronymShort Description Recommended Financing TypeWebsiteCountry
AVVie GmbHThe Angelvalve Project AVVieAdvancing Transcatheter Mitral Valve RepairGrant firsthttps://angelvalve.com/  Austria
LITHOS CROP PROTECT GMBHMicro Dispensers for sustainable plant protectionUsing mineral carriers for pheromones to apply the ecologically friendly mating disruption method for protecting crops against pests on a large scaleBlended financewww.lithosprotect.at Austria
Alpine Quantum Technologies GmbHQCDCQuantum Computers for Data CentersBlended financewww.aqt.eu Austria
Celeris Therapeutics GmbHCelerisTx – Celeris One PlatformClosed-loop deep learning in early-stage drug discovery – cloud platform for targeted protein degradationBlended financehttps://celeristx.com Austria
BEEODIVERSITYBeeOimpactFrom Bees as a Service (BaaS) to Software as a Service (SaaS) to enhance biodiversity and reduce pollutionBlended financehttps://beeodiversity.com/en/ Belgium
E-PEASEPEASLeading the way to energy autonomous edge computingBlended financehttps://e-peas.com/ Belgium
SYNERGIA MEDICALNAO.VNSNAO.VNS: A New Personalized Neural Stimulation Therapy For Drug-resistant EpilepsyGrant firsthttps://www.synergia-medical.com/ Belgium
NeuronSW SENeuron Soundware (NSW)Neuron Soundware: detecting machine failures early combining sound, AI and IoT technologiesBlended financehttps://www.neuronsw.com/ Czechia
GO-Pen ApSGO-PenThe first universal and price-neutral insulin penGrant firsthttp://go-pen.net/ Denmark
Abzu ApSHCAI4ALLHuman-Centric AI platform for heALth and Life sciencesGrant firsthttps://www.abzu.ai Denmark
Nanordica Medical OÜNANOWOUNDAntibacterial wound dressing based on advanced nanotechnology to improve the efficiency of wound careGrant firsthttps://nanordica.com/ Estonia
Quanturi OyHAYTECH AIHay data analytics & fermentation control to increase dairy farm milk yieldBlended financehttps://quanturi.com Finland
PAPTIC OYFlexFoamSustainble alternative to flexible packagingBlended financewww.paptic.comFinland
QuantrolOx Finland OyqxAutomating quantum control with machine learningBlended financehttps://quantrolox.com/ Finland
GREENOV-ITESSEALENCESub Sea Quieter, a disruptive, low cost and highly efficient Noise Mitigation System for reducing MRE installation noise and turbidity impacts on underwater ecosystemsGrant firsthttps://www.linkedin.com/company/gre enov-fr/ France
C12 Quantum ElectronicsHiFiQCHigh-Fidelity Quantum Computing with Carbon NanotubesGrant firsthttps://www.c12qe.com/ France
EYELIGHTSVision – Augmented Reality Windshield DisplayNext Generation Augmented Reality technology to improve car safety and driving experienceBlended financehttps://eye-lights.com/en France
MELETIOS TherapeuticsFLUIDITYFighting Large-Scale Untreated Infectious Diseases with Innovative TreatmentsBlended financehttps://meletiostx.com/ France
FINEHEARTFLOWMAKERSaving patients from severe heart failureBlended financehttp://fineheart.fr France
TILKALtilkalNext Generation Blockchain-based Supply Chain Traceability & Transparency PlatformBlended financehttps://www.tilkal.com/ France
Antabio SASsbli-ant3310A novel combination treatment effective against all multidrug-resistant pathogens deemed as a critical priority by the WHOBlended financehttps://antabio.com/ France
METAFORA BIOSYSTEMSMETAflowDevelopment and validation of the first digital, clinical grade flow cytometry platform for enhanced diagnosis accuracy and sustainability in immunology and hemato oncologyBlended financewww.metafora-biosystems.com France
ORIXHALuncoliveSaving Cardiac Arrest Patients with Hypothermic Lung Conservative Liquid VentilationBlended financewww.orixha.comFrance
CENTRE DE RECHERCHE ET DE DEVELOPPEMENT DES ANATIDES DU COURTALET (Aviwell SAS)AviwellDevelopment and validation of Direct-Fed Microbials for farm animals to improve animal growth and better nourish the planetBlended financehttps://www.aviwell.fr/en/ France
QUANDELAsepoqcScalable Entangled-Photon based Optical Quantum ComputersBlended financehttps://www.quandela.com/ France
QARNOT COMPUTINGLoCaCloudLow Carbon CloudBlended financewww.qarnot.com France
MATERRUPClayment – Clay cement for massive CO2 reductionClayment – Clay cement for massive CO2 reductionGrant firsthttps://www.materrup.com France
Porous GmbHNonInvasive Cortical Bone Microstructure AnalysisA Health Technology Assessment of a breakthrough technology in the early diagnosis of Osteoporosis and other bone related diseasesBlended financewww.porous.care Germany
Tripleye GmbHCOP SystemCOP (Circular Optical Perception): A next generation high level sensing system to enable safe and high level automation of industrial vehicles.Blended financehttps://www.tripleye.com Germany
Xelera Technologies GmbHDYRADynamic High-Performance Open Radio Access Network TechnologyGrant firsthttps://xelera.io Germany
BlinkIn GmbHBlinkIn Visual Assistant – June 2021BlinkIn Visual Assistance – Defining a new category of automated visual support towards to a visual AI Operating System for Europe (not Siri/Alexa). Our moonshot is to “Give the world a Help Button”.Blended financewww.blinkin.ioGermany
ReActive Robotics GmbHVEMOtionAssistive Medical Robotics for Very Early Mobilization of Critical Care PatientsBlended financehttps://www.reactive-robotics.com/home/Germany
FarmInsect GmbHFarmInsectAutomated turnkey insect rearing farm. Enabling farmers to produce their own sustainable insect protein feedBlended financewww.farminsect.eu Germany
HighLine Technology GmbHHighLineFine Line Dispensing Process to apply Narrow Metal Contacts onto Solar CellsBlended financehttps://highline-technology.comGermany
VANEVO GmbHClean(S)tackAutomated production process for next-level redox flow battery stacks and modules following a revolutionary different and cost-optimised production approachGrant firsthttps://www.vanevo.de/ Germany
PHOSPRINT IDIOTIKI KEFALAIOUXIKIETAIREIALaser bioprinting device and in vivo applicationsLaser bioprinting device and in vivo applicationsGrant firstwww.phosprint.eu Greece
Treble Technologies ehfTrebleThe virtual sound platform of the futureBlended financehttps://treble.tech/Iceland
ATXA THERAPEUTICS LTDPAH-AdvancePAH-ADVANCE: Accelerating the Clinical Path of NTP42, a disease-modifying drug that will disrupt the future treatment of cardiopulmonary diseases, including pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).Blended financewww.atxatherapeutics.com Ireland
AQUAB NANOBUBBLE INNOVATIONS LIMITEDAQUA BUBBLES: Nanobubbles for water treatmentNano-oxygenation in water treatment by ambient-pressure air-fed, ultra-low-energy nanobubble generationGrant onlywww.aqua-bubble.com Ireland
PEREGRINE TECHNOLOGIES (HOLDINGS) LIMITEDFPD RecyclingCircularPro-Robust AI and robotics for the WEEE recycling sectorGrant firsthttps://fpdrecycling.com/ Ireland
OSTOFORM LIMITEDFlowAssist PouchFlowAssist Pouch will help to improve the skin condition of ostomy pouch users, while introducing novel design features, dramatically improving their lifestyle and management of their conditionGrant firsthttps://ostoform.com Ireland
Endoron Medical Ltd.aortosealA minimally invasive and durable endograft fastening solution for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)Grant firsthttps://endoronmedical.com/ Israel
PHONEOPTIKA LTDVISION_GLASSScreen embedded reading glasses – a revolutionary optical technology that eliminates the need for reading glasses while using digital devices.Blended financehttps://www.phoneoptika.com/Israel
NewPhotonics LtdNEWPhotonicsNEWPhotonics: The Future of Data Center TechnologiesGrant firsthttp://newphotonics.co/ Israel
ELGAN PharmaELGN-GIA first-in-class therapy for intestinal malabsorption in premature newbornsGrant firsthttps://www.elganpharma.com/Israel
S.I.T. – Sordina IORT Technologies S.p.ALIAC FLASHLIACFLASH: a life changing IOeRT technology for oncology careGrant firsthttps://www.soiort.com/ Italy
xFarm SrxTrapReal-time automatic monitoring and ML-based prediction of pest insectsBlended financehttps://xfarm.ag/ Italy
Augmedit B.V.makinG aUgmedit lumI stanDArd in NeurosurgiCal surgEry in 3D: GUIDANCE 3DmakinG aUgmedit lumI stanDArd in NeurosurgiCal surgEry in 3D: GUIDANCE 3DGrant firsthttps://www.augmedit.com/ Netherlands
Solar Dew Clean Water B.VSAFEWater-SDCWA Disruptively Novel Approach to Clean and Safe Water Supply to Off-Grid Communities – SAFEWater-SDCWBlended financehttps://www.solardew.com Netherlands
IMSystems Holding B.VArchimedes DriveArchimedes Drive: Driving Innovation in the Robotics IndustryBlended financewww.imsystems.nl Netherlands
SusPhos B.V. SusPhosFirst economically-viable process for phosphate recoveryBlended financehttps://www.susphos.com/ Netherlands
GBM Works B.VSIMPLE – Simple Installation of MonoPiLEsSIMPLE – Simple Installation of MonoPiLEsBlended financehttps://www.gbmworks.com/ Netherlands
Nowi B.VNH-AEnabling self-sustaining low power applications with NH-A—a novel integrated energy harvesting and power management circuitBlended financehttps://www.nowi-energy.com/ Netherlands
OIVI ASiScanAutomated retinal scans for early detection of diabetic eye diseases through use of artificial intelligenceGrant firsthttps://www.oivi.co/ Norway
GLUCOSET ASMAGICMinimally invasive reliAble Glucose monitoring in Intensive CareBlended financeglucoset.com Norway
HEMISPHERIAN ASCureGLIOClinical validation of GLIX1: a small molecule that targets epigenetic changes in cancer cells to treat glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the highest global unmet need in oncology.Blended financehttps://hemispherian.com/ Norway
IMMUNETHEPPARAGON NOVEL VACCINEParagon Novel Vaccine (PNV) an effective protection against all serotypes of five deadly bacteria to eradicate Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)Grant firstwww.immunethep.com Portugal
CHARGE2C-NEWCAP LDAHYCAP v2.0Hybrid supercapacitor technology towards a sustainable mobilityBlended financewww.c2cnewcap.com Portugal
AMSIMCEL SRLhyperPVHyperPV, the first GPU-Powered Physical Verification Framework with High Performance Computing capabilities.Blended financehttps://amsimcel.com/ Romania
IOS, INSTITUT ZA OKOLJEVARSTVO IN SENZORJE, PROIZVODNJA, TRGOVINA IN STORITVE DOOOpenLOOPOpenLOOP recycling technology – sustainable and profitable solution to the management of PET/cellulose wasteGrant firsthttp://www.ios.si/english/ Slovenia
METHINKS SOFTWARE S.L.Deepstroke-AccParadigm shift in stroke: accurate diagnosis and evaluation of all treatment options in any hospital, at any timeBlended financewww.methinks.ai Spain
ARTHEX BIOTECH S.L.fight-dm1First In class oliGo THerapy for Myotonic Dystrophy type 1 (DM1)Blended financehttps://www.arthexbiotech.com/ Spain
Tucuvi Care SLTUCUVI Voice & AI to reduce chronic disease impactTUCUVI Voice and Artificial Intelligence to reduce the impact of chronic diseasesBlended financehttps://tucuvi.com Spain
HEXAGEM ABInGaNiousNext-Generation Indium Gallium Nitride Micro LEDsGrant firsthttps://www.hexagem.se/ Sweden
C Lindhextend ABXTEND UXtend U – An Amputee solution for a life without pain, blisters and infectionsBlended financehttps://www.lindhextend.com/en/Sweden
Reliefed ABReliefed3D tab cooled Battery pack solution based on an innovative 3D extrusion manufacturing process to better manage thermal regulation of EV batteriesBlended financehttp://www.reliefed.com Sweden
Stream Analyze Sweden ABsa.engineEnd to end Real-time Interactive Edge AI analytics platform for Industry and AutomotiveGrant firsthttps://streamanalyze.comSweden
Reselo ABNORDIC BIO-RUBBERSustainable rubber for the environmentGrant firsthttps://reselo.se/ Sweden
TANGI0 LTDTG0A revolutionary touch-sensitive material without environmentally harmful electronicsGrant onlyhttps://tg0.co.uk/ United Kingdom
Salience Labs LtdPACIFIC – Photonic Accelerator ChIp For InferenCeThe first massively parallel hybrid photonic / electronic accelerator chip for artificial intelligence inference applicationsGrant onlyhttp://saliencelabs.ai/ United Kingdom
Sierra Medical Ltd.SM-S1New AI-based method for early detection of lung cancerGrant onlyhttps://www.sierramedical.co.uk/ United Kingdom
Dura Composites LtdgreengrpNovel recycling for sustainable GRP Composites in industryGrant onlywww.duracomposites.com United Kingdom
CROP INTELLECT LTDR-LeafConverting NOx pollution into plant feedGrant onlyhttp://www.cropintellect.co.uk United Kingdom
Ace Aquatec LtdRemoving sea lice with low stress electric fieldsA modular sea lice removal system utilising electro-anaesthesia, low-pressure pumping and waterjets to gently remove lice without inducing stress and compromising fish welfare.Grant onlywww.aceaquatec.comUnited Kingdom
Levistor LtdLevistorGridBoostFlywheel grid boost for ultra-rapid EV chargingGrant onlyhttps://levistor.com/ United Kingdom

By Sara Gavidia

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