Read carefully this document which contains the terms and conditions that govern the access and navigation on the web site  (hereinafter, the WebSite)

The access, navigation and use of the WebSite implies the express acceptance without any reserve of the present Legal Notice, meaning that this has the same validity and effect that any agreement signed in writing.

Its observance and compliance will be required to any person entering, navigating or using the WebSite. If you do not agree with the terms herein expressed, do not accede, navigate or use the WebSite.

1. Company’s data

STRATA INNOVATION AND GROWTH, S.L., is a Spanish limited liability company domiciled in Travesía de la Brisa, 5, 3C, 28760, Tres Cantos, Spain, with Tax Identification Number ES- B88489513, contact email, registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid at Sheet M-701793, paper 220, book 39528. (hereinafter, STRATA).

2. Object and application

The present Legal Notice regulates the access to the contents offered by STRATA thorough its WebSite, whose purpose is the promotion of (i) management consulting services.

The user, will be that person acceding, navigating, using and participating in the WebSite.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the access to several contents and the use of several services may be subjected to special conditions that, according to each case will substitute, complete and/or modify the present Legal Notice and, in case of contradiction, special conditions will prevail over the general conditions.

The access, navigation and use of the Website entails the acceptance by the user of the present Legal Notice and the terms of the same.

3. Access and use of the WebSite

The access to the contents and visualizing of the services provided through the WebSite does not require any previous registry and is free for the user, however several services offered by STRATA on the WebSite are subjected to previous contract and consideration which will be specified in its own contracting conditions.

The access to the WebSite is forbidden for people underage, unless they are previously and expressly authorised by their parents, tutors or legal representatives, who will be considered responsible for the actions of the minors under their authority, according to the applicable legislation.

The user obliges himself to use the WebSite according to the Law and with the present Legal Notice. The user refrains himself from using the Website with illicit purposes or contrary to the present document.

4. Generic prohibitions

In order to maintain the status of user, the user must assume the obligation of NOT accomplishing any of these conducts or actions:

4.1 To create false user profiles with the purpose of avoiding general restriction or general penalties of the WebSite;

4.2 To access, manipulate or use any area of the WebSite that is not meant to be public.

4.3 To use the WebSite for other purposes different from those it was created for, for example, personal conversations, file sharing, personal promotion, political or ideological propaganda, publication, sending or hosting of illegal, obscene, racist, pornographic or offensive content;

4.4 To try to prove, research, analyse or explore the vulnerability of the WebSite, of the payment gateway or of other system or network related with the same, or break any security or authentication barrier related with the WebSite or the referred systems or network.

4.5 To try to decode, decompile, disassembled or invert any software engineering used for providing the services in the Web Site; or

4.6 To damage or try to damage to the system, to other users, to the host or to the network, manipulate or try to manipulate the access of any User of any kind, including, the undertaking of such purposes by means of the sending of a virus, overload or massive sending of spam or boom mailing.

In the event that the user carries out any of these behaviours, STRATA could remove the user’s access to the WebSite and claim for damages.

5. Intellectual and industrial property rights

“STRATA” is a registered trademark property of STRATA INNOVATION AND GROWTH, S.L.

The WebSite is a dominium registered by STRATA INNOVATION AND GROWTH, S.L. Neither the dominium, nor “STRATA” trademark can be used unless express written authorization by STRATA in connexion with other services different from those of STRATA that could, in any way, cause a confusion between our clients and discredit to STRATA.

STRATA have all the intellectual and industrial property rights over the content, design and source code of the WebSite, and specially but not limited to, over the pictures, images, texts, logos, designs, trademarks, brands and data included on the WebSite. The WebSite itself, has the consideration of an informatics programme, and therefore, it is under the application of the European and Spanish regulation on the subject.

In no case, it will be understood that the access and navigation of the user through the WebSite implies the waiving, transmission, license or total or partial assignment of the intellectual property rights of the WebSite and/or of any content on the Website by STRATA. The user has a restricted private license of use of the WebSite according to the present Legal Notice being expressly prohibited for the user the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, disposition, extraction, reuse, resending or the use of any nature by any means or proceeding, of any contents or elements of the WebSite, unless in the cases legally permitted or expressly authorized by the owners of such rights.

The references to registered commercial brands and names, logos or distinctive signs, property of STRATA or of any third entity, imply the prohibition over its use without the consent of STRATA or of its legitimate owners. In no event, unless expressly declared, the access or use of the WebSite and/or of its contents and/or services, grants the user any right over the trademarks, logos and/or distinctive signs included in it.

If the user had the knowledge of the existence of any illicit or illegal content on the WebSite that could mean a breach of intellectual or industrial property rights, he must immediately notify it to STRATA, so that it could proceed to the adoption of the corresponding measures.

6. Liability

STRATA will not guarantee and will not be liable for: (i) the continuity of the contents on the WebSite, (ii) the lack of mistakes in such content; (iii) the lack of virus and/or malware on the WebSite or in the server that hosts it; (iv) the invulnerability of the WebSite and/or the inexpugnability of the security measures that were adopted in the same; (v) the lack of utility or performance of the contents of the WebSite; (vi) the damages and prejudices that cause, to himself or to a third party, any person that infringes the conditions, regulations and directions of STRATA established on the WebSite or through the infringement of the security systems of the WebSite.

Notwithstanding, STRATA declares that it has adopted all the required measures, within its possibilities and the state of the technology, in order to guarantee the functioning of the WebSite and avoid the existence and transmission of virus and the rest of damaging components to the users.7

7. Links

7.1. Hyperlinks

The user and, in general, any individual or entity inserting a link or hyperlink (i.e. link or bottom) from its website to the WebSite of STRATA (hereinafter, the Hyperlink) must make the Hyperlink observing the Law and the present Legal Notice. STRATA can forbid or unutilized in any moment any Hyperlink to the WebSite, in the event of an illicit, illegal content and a content contrary to the moral, public order or general accepted social standards, of the activity or contents of the website where the Hyperlink is included.

The establishing of the Hyperlink does not imply, in any case, neither the existence of relations between STRATA and the owner of the site or the web page where the Hyperlink is included, nor the acceptance or approval by STRATA of the same and/or its contents.

If the entity linking from its page to the WebSite correctly wishes to include in its web page the brand, corporate name, commercial name, tag, logo, slogan or any other type of identifying element of STRATA and/or the WebSite, must have its written, express and previous authorization.

STRATA does not have the faculty nor the human and technical measures to know, control or approve all the information, contents, products or services provided by other web sites that were linked to the WebSite. STRATA will not assume any liability for any event related to the WebSite that establishes such link to the WebSite, specially, over the functioning, access, data, information, files, quality and purposes of the products and services, its own links and/or any of its contents in general.

7.2  Links to other web pages

STRATA will not assume any type of liability by any aspect related to the web page in which it could be established a link to the WebSite, specially, not limited, over its functioning, access, data, information, files, quality and reliability of its products and services, its own links and/or any contents, in general.

In this sense, if the users would have the effective knowledge of any illicit activity developed through these third party’s web pages, they must immediately communicate it to STRATA, to the effects that the link is disabled.

The inserting of any type of link from the WebSite to other web site will not imply the existence of any type of relation, collaboration or dependency between STRATA and the responsible of such web site.

8. Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy of the WebSite is determined by what it is established in the Cookies’ and Privacy Policy document, available on the WebSite.

9. Amendment and duration

STRATA reserves the right to modify in any moment the present Legal Notice for adapting itself to future legislative or jurisprudential updates, to the practices, uses and customs of the sector, as well as for introducing any changes decided unilaterally by STRATA, motivated by the aforementioned reasons, or not. In any case, STRATA, obliges himself to provide the user, the information and to ask for its consent if required by Law.

10. Applicable Law

The present Legal Notice will be governed by Spanish Legislation.