New Year’s resolutions: pro-bono EIC Accelerator consulting

First of all, we wish all our readers a very Happy New Year!! 

At Strata, we are determined to make the most of 2022 and, as most of us, we have also been thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. As a knowledge-based company, we believe that contributing with our know-how and expertise, is the best way we can make a meaningful impact on our society. 

We ended 2021 posting some articles –first and second– about our commitment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a series of articles that we plan to continue.

Still, we strive to do more! So we have decided to offer pro-bono EIC Accelerator consulting to companies that fulfill these criteria:

  • They have a disruptive tech
  • Massive positive impact potential
  • No investors &  no capital
  • No turnover
  • Committed team with insufficient resources

Reach out to us if you want to work with us.

Let’s rock 2022!

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

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