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EIC Accelerator winners and statistics November 2023: 42 European deeptech startups receive 285€ million in funding

42 European startups have received €285 million in funding through the EIC Accelerator November 2023 cut-off. This funding will be used to bring game-changing innovations to the market as most of the winners have proven success in the ICT and deeptech area. This field represents 50% of the chosen businesses (21 out of the 42 companies) which shows an increase by 8% compared to the previous one. Results of the latest call have already been published:

  • 42 companies have been funded in this call (a decrease by 10% compared to the previous call) with a total budget of €285M (18% decrease in budget).
  • The selected companies spread across 15 countries being Germany (16%) and France (14%) top of the list
  • Blended Finance remains the most awarded financing type (62%).

From 1083 full proposals submitted, 242 of them reached the juries’ interviews (22% success rate), where only 42 received the funding (3.87% overall success rate).

Most of the awardees (62%) will receive blended finance, that is, a combination of grants and equity investments. The investments will be made through the EIC Fund.

Figure 1. Winners per type of finance

The selected companies have a geographical spread spanning 15 countries being Germany (7 projects, 16%), France (6 selected projects, 14%), and Spain and Sweden (5 projects each, 11%) the countries on the top of the chart:

Figure 2. Winners per country

The 42 awarded projects can be classified into three categories: New deep-tech technologies & ICT; Health & Medical care; and Environment. New deep-tech technologies and ICT has been the most awarded area with 21 out of 42 projects (50%), followed by Health (12 out of 42 projects, 29%), and, finally, environment (8 out of 42, 19%).

Figure 3. Share of winning projects by innovation area.

The table below includes the full list of winners: 

Company NameProposal AcronymShort DescriptionRecommended Financing TypeWebsiteCountry
D-CRBN BVD-CRBNPlasma-based point-source CCU technology to recycle CO2 into added value chemicals to decarbonize hard to-abate industriesBlended Finance BE
Smart Farm Robotix OODRoboAIweederA fully autonomous solar-powered lightweight weeding robot, using AI for plant recognition, precision contact and contactless weeding methods suited for hard soils, hilly terrains and arid climatesGrant BG
Golden Devices GmbHACTIVATINGAdditive Manufactured Automotive Antenna for Autonomous DrivingGrant OnlyDE
UniverCell Holding GmbHC2C-CSACustomized 21700 cylindrical cells for special applicationsBlended DE
FERROELECTRIC MEMORY GMBHFe-NVRAMSolving the scaling challenge of the memory industry: high-speed, low-complexity and low-cost non-volatile ferroelectric memory (Fe-NVRAM) made in EUBlended Financewww.ferroelectric-memory.comDE
QUBEDOT GMBHiSMILEiSMILE – integrated scalable microLED enginesBlended DE
Lumoview Building Analytics GmbHLumoGen1Pioneering automated building digitisation with Lumoview for empowered decision-making in energy efficient building renovationBlended DE
Omegga GmbHOmeggaThe world’s first low-cost in-ovo sexing solution to finally end chick cullingBlended DE
O11 biomedical GmbHRESPILIQRESPILIQ – enteral CO2 absorption for the therapy of hypercapnic lung failureBlended DE
HYME STORAGE APSHYSEHYdroxide Salt Energy Storage InnovationBlended DK
AptaTargets, S.L.ApTOLLApTOLL: An innovative neuroprotectant to reduce brain damage in Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS)Grant ES
FASTBASE SOLUTIONS SOCIEDAD LIMITADAIOO – Improving IOIOO: a novel assay to predict patient response to immune checkpoint inhibitors, optimising patient stratification to these therapies and tripling solid tumour patient outcomes in immuno-oncologyGrant FirstWWW.FASTBASESOLUTIONS.COM ES
LUXQUANTA TECHNOLOGIES SLMIQROScalable Quantum Cryptography for Ultra-secure Communications in Metropolitan NetworksBlended ES
PLEXIGRID SOCIEDAD LIMITADAPlexigridPlexigrid: Plexar Operated GridsBlended Finance ES
IQM FINLAND OYBIGQECBuilding industrial-grade quantum computers with error correction and mitigation capabilitiesEquity onlywww.meetiqm.comFI
SpinDrive OyMAGMA X100The smallest, most affordable and efficient active magnetic bearings for ultra-high-speed applicationsGrant Only FI
Basemark OyRocksolid ARMaking Driving Safer with Augmented realityGrant Firstwww.basemark.comFI
VEXLUM OYSEMIQLEAPNovel Semiconductor Lasers for the Industrial Quantum LeapGrant FI
Look Up SpaceATLAS2Acceleration Towards LEO Automatic Space SafetyBlended Finance FR
Defacto Technologies SASEmpoSoCA Paradigm Change for System-on-Chip Design to Enable Higher Performance with Lower Time-to-Market and CostGrant First FR
ION-XHYPERIONThe Most Efficient Space Propulsion Ever Put in SpaceBlended Finance FR
QfluidicsQFLUIDICSThe first non-clogging continuous flow reactor technologyGrant FR
Pertinent eco-solutionsVERANOGroundbreaking biocontrol solutions for a resilient agricultureBlended Finance FR
Womed SASWOMEDWOMED: an innovative intrauterine biodegradable polymer-based drug-delivery platformGrant FR
MBRYONICS LIMITEDStarCom OISLStarCom Optical Inter-Satellite Link.Blended IE
NECTIN THERAPEUTICSNTX1088First-in-class anti-PVR mAb NTX1088 – a novel oncology drug that unlocks the power of human immune system and revolutionizes cancer careGrant First IL
NovelradNVCDMinimally invasive suturing for vascular bore closure and heart defect repairGrant Firstwww.novelrad.comIL
BETAGLUE TECHNOLOGIES S.P.A.BAT-90A Novel ‘Radiotherapy from Within’ Platform Technology for the Targeted Treatment of Solid Tumours Called ‘BAT-90’Blended Finance IT
MOI COMPOSITES SRLCFM4IndustryContinuous Fiber Manufacturing for IndustryGrant
SILK BIOMATERIALS SRLKLISBioSilk fibroin tissue grafting for peripheral nerve repairBlended IT
FLASC B.V.FLASC HPESA novel Renewable Energy Storage System tailored for Offshore ApplicationsBlended NL
SALVIA BIOELECTRONICS BVReLifeA new life for people with severe disabling cluster headache: Neuromodulation therapy using safe, minimally invasive simultaneous stimulation at the front and back of the headBlended NL
DoMore Diagnostics ASHistotype PxPrecision biomarker based on digital pathology and artificial intelligence to guide fast and cost-effective personalized treatment decision support for colorectal cancer patientsBlended Finance NO
Ocean Visuals ASOWLHyper-Spectral Laser Induced Fluorescence LiDAR to detect Submerged Oil over Water in real-time on a molecular level.Blended NO
DELOX – INVESTIGACAO, PROCESSOS E EQUIPAMENTOS CIENTIFICOS, LDADeloxAirDelox Air – Continuous air bio-decontamination compatible with human presenceBlended PT
Cellfion ABCNF MembraneDevelopment and manufacturing of forest-based membranes for electrochemical energy devicesGrant SE
Compular ABCOMPULARAdvanced Simulation Software With Patented Method Optimised For Battery DevelopmentBlended SE
Millow ABMEATLOWInnovative patented dry fermentation technology for cost-effective and highly nutritious production of hybrid mycelium-plant meat analoguesBlended Finance SE
GEDEA BIOTECH ABpHyphBreakthrough dual-action OTC tablet for treatment and prevention of both bacterial and fungal vaginitisBlended Financewww.gedeabiotech.comSE
QLUCORE ABQIandQDThe first IVDR-approved commercial software solutions for AI-powered RNA-based companion and precision cancer diagnostics of acute myeloid leukaemia and bladder cancerGrant Onlywww.qlucore.comSE
POWERFUL MEDICAL s. r. oOMI AI ECG ModeOMI AI ECG Model – application for more accurate heart attack diagnosisBlended Finance SK

Background Information

The EIC Accelerator is a funding programme under Horizon Europe that offers support to start-ups and SMEs in the form of grants and investments to bring game-changing innovations to the market. 

This programme offers non-dilutive grant funding of up to € 2.5 million, limited to TRL 5-8 innovative activities, to be finished in a 24-month period. For market deployment (TRL 9), the dilutive funding is up to € 15 million, using the «patient capital» approach over a 7–10 year period.

The work programme 2024 of the European Innovation Council provides about €1.2 billion in financing. This funding is devoted to helping SMEs and start-ups create and expand «deep tech» discoveries in key tech domains including space exploration, semiconductors, quantum technologies, key raw materials, and generative artificial intelligence (AI).

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