EIC Accelerator winners and statistics June 2023: 47 European deeptech startups awarded 349€ million

A total of 47 European startups will receive up to €349 million through the third EIC 2023 call to bring game-changing innovations to the market. This cut-off demonstrated the strong success of IT and engineering-based businesses. They represent 25% of the chosen businesses, which is comparable to the health tech sector, which accounts for 30% of the total. Results of the call have already been published:

  • 47 companies have been funded by the EIC in the June 2023 call (a decrease by 8% compared to the previous call) with a total budget of €349M (33% increase in budget).
  • The selected companies spread across 15 countries, but the two main countries in this call have been France (25%), and Germany (11%).
  • Blended Finance has been the most awarded financing type (68%).

From 648 full proposals submitted (an increase by 17%), 140 companies were interviewed by juries of experienced investors and entrepreneurs (21% of the companies reached the interview), where only 47 received funding (7.25% overall success rate). Only 11% of these winners have a female CEO (5 of the 47 companies).

Also, in the June 2023 cut-off, a few additional businesses joined the “Plug In” program. Under this program, candidates nominated by national innovation programs were allowed to submit a full proposal, bypassing the initial process of submitting and receiving approval for a short proposal.

Most of the awardees (68%) will receive blended finance option, which is a combination of grants and equity investments. The investments will be made through the EIC Fund.

EIC winners per funding type June 2023 call

Figure 1. Winners per type fo finance

The selected companies have a geographical spread spanning 15 countries, including four widening countries, being France (12 selected projects, 25%), Germany (5 projects, 10%), and Belgium and the Netherlands (4 projects each, 8%) the countries on the top of the chart:

EIC winners per country June 2023 call

Figure 2. Winners per country

The 47 awarded projects can be classified into three categories: New deep-tech technologies & ICT; Health & Medical care; and Environment. New deep-tech technologies and ICT has been the most awarded area with 19 out of 47 projects (41%), followed by Health (17 out of 47 projects, 36%), and, finally, environment (11 out of 47, 23%).

Figure 3. Share of winning projects by innovation area.

The table below includes the full list of winners, including among them Strata’s client Strolll, who receives the EIC support to further develop and commercialize its novel and patented augmented reality (AR) solution for cueing therapy in patients with neurological disorders. Congratulations!

Company NameProposal AcronymShort DescriptionRecommended Financing TypeWebsiteCountry
DIMETOR GMBHNEDUNANEutral Data host for UNcrewed AvitationGrant Onlywww.dimetor.comAustria
Swave BVHXRHolographic eXtended Reality (HXR) for true Augmented Reality (AR) and lifelike immersive displaysBlended Financewww.swave.io Belgium
VALCUN BVMMDUnlocking serial Aluminium Additive Manufacturing with Molten Metal Deposition technologyBlended Financewww.valcun.be Belgium
N-FIX NVN-SpireNovel and Scalable microbial products for REgenerative agricultureGrant Firsthttps://www.n-fix.be/ Belgium
QUSTOMDOTQustomDotHighly efficient, heavy metal-free color conversion ink technology for microLED applicationsBlended Financewww.qustomdot.com Belgium
CARBOMINER LIMITEDC-DACDirect Air Capture for on-site CO2 utilization in greenhousesBlended Financewww.carbominer.com Cyprus
RESOTHER PHARMA APSCardioProtectMIA new cardioprotective drug for acute treatment of myocardial infarctionGrant Firstwww.resotherpharma.com Denmark
DynelectroHiFiMetHigh-efficiency 1 MW Dynamic Electrolyser Unit for cost-efficient production of PtX-based green methanolBlended Financewww.dynelectro.dk Denmark
ODICO A/STopoFormTopoForm – robotic printing of large-scale topology optimised composite construction formworkBlended Financewww.odico.dk Denmark
RAIKU Packaging OÜRAIKU bio packagingOptimization, demonstration of natural, biodegradable packaging from wood in desired shapes for various industriesBlended Financewww.raiku.co Estonia
PEPTINOV SASAnti-IL-6A breakthrough active immunotherapy for the treatment of osteoarthritisBlended Financehttp://www.peptinov.frFrance
AURORA SASASCLEPIOSAdvanced Sterilization Capability with Low Environmental footprint for Patient Infection Optimized SafetyBlended Financehttps://www.aurora-sterilisation.com France
Autonomous Clean Water Appliance RoboticsCleanWaterPathfinderAutonomous robotics and digital TWIN to improve water network performancesGrant Firstwww.acwa-robotics.com France
Ever DyeEver DyePlug-and-play sustainable dyeing solution to help the textile industry reduce energy costs and environmental impactBlended Financeeverdye.fr France
REST THERAPEUTICSFENM4PTSDDevelopment of a novel class of therapeutics for PTSD treatment and other neurodegenerative disordersGrant Firsthttp://www.rest-therapeutics.com/ France
HEPHAISTOS-PHARMAIVI-BoostIntraVenous Immune BoostBlended Financewww.hephaistos-pharma.com France
ErVaccine TechnologiesOVACellDevelopment of a cell immunotherapy targeting non-conventional tumor antigens in ovarian cancerBlended Financewww.ervaccinetechnologies.com France
Sarus TechnologiesPrivacyForDataAIA privacy layer to power all research and AI workflowsBlended Financewww.sarus.tech France
VSORASUPERCHIPScalable Unified Processor Enhancing Revolutionary Computing, Harnessing Integrated Performance for Edge AI, Autonomous Driving, Generative AI, and Decentralized AIoT ApplicationsBlended Financewww.vsora.com France
TAFALGIE THERAPEUTICSTAFALGIEThe first in-class non-opioid drug for treating moderate, severe, and persistent pain with no addiction nor toleranceBlended Financewww.tafalgie.fr France
TOOPI ORGANICSToopi-RegenToopi Regen: Unleash the power of urine to finally scale a real closed loop and regenerative farming systemBlended Financewww.toopi-organics.com France
UROMEMSUroActRestoring a normal life and dignity for women and men suffering from severe Stress Urinary IncontinenceBlended Financehttp://www.uromems.com/en France
QuantumDiamonds GmbHDIAMONIQDeveloping First-in-Class Diamond-based Quantum Microscopy for immediate semiconductor industry applicationsBlended Financehttps://www.quantumdiamonds.de/ Germany
HBOX Therapies GmbHMiRAMiniaturised Respiratory Assist to treat acute lung failure patients using a breakthrough hyperbaric technologyBlended Financehttps://www.hbox-therapies.com/ Germany
SOLAR MATERIALS GmbHPRISMPanel Recycling and Integrated Solar MateriaBlended Financewww.solar-materials.com Germany
QuantPi GmbHQuantPiFirst automated risk management platform to enable safety, fairness, explainability, and continuous monitoring of generative AI systemsGrant Onlyhttps://www.quantpi.com Germany
VIDEANTIS GMBHVIVIDEurope’s first unified and versatile processing platform architecture in 5nm technology with proven scalability from edge to central high-performance solutions with unmatched cost and power efficiencyBlended Financewww.videantis.com Germany
LynXes Innovation Kutato és Fejleszto KftLynXesNew impetus to materials research – democratizing a frontier research tooBlended Financehttps://www.lynxes.eu/ Hungary
D-ORBIT SPAASTROLIFTAutonomous Spacecraft Technology for Repair Operations, Lifespan Improvement and Flight TestingBlended Financewww.deorbitaldevices.com Italy
3BEE SRLBiodiversity CreditsClear, scalable and scientific framework to measure terrestrial biodiversityGrant Firsthttp://3bee.it/ Italy
NANO-TECH SPAC-PREG 400High-temperature, flame retardant, recyclable and low environmental footprint composite material for aerospace industryGrant Firstwww.italnanotech.com Italy
AXELERA AI B.V.Axelera EuropaA novel hardware & software platform to revolutionise artificial intelligence at the edgeBlended Financehttps://www.axelera.ai/ Netherlands
CHAINCRAFT BVCircularChainThe development of a full scale plant for the production of sustainable medium chain fatty acidsGrant Firstwww.chaincraft.nl Netherlands
Skytree B.V.DDACDecentralised Direct Air Capture The most sustainable, affordable and scalable way to produce clean CO2 on demandBlended Financewww.skytree.eu Netherlands
Deftpower B.V.VPPofEVsScaling the largest VPP made of EVsGrant Firstwww.deftpower.com Netherlands
Nanopower ASNANOPOWERIntelligent power management integrated circuits for a greener, more efficient Internet of ThingsBlended Financewww.nanopower.global Norway
TARGTEX SAnPL4GBMClinical validation of NANO-PL: a hydrogel-based formulation of a small molecule for a highly targeted therapy against Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)Blended Financewww.targtex.com Portugal
PICADVANCED, SAPIC-FASTPhotonic Integrated Circuits For Access System in TelecomBlended Financewww.picadvanced.com Portugal
SEA4US – BIOTECNOLOGIA E RECURSOS MARINHOS, S.A.Sea4MarketClinical validation of a novel non-opioid analgesic derived from the Portuguese sea for treating chronic painBlended Financehttps://sea4us.pt/pt/ Portugal
PEPTOMYC SLMYCureXFirst-in-class myc inhibitor: the making of a breakthrough cancer therapyBlended Financepeptomyc.com Spain
NIMBLE DIAGNOSTICS SLNIMBLE SystemThe NIMBLE System: A novel non-invasive and non-ionizing medical device for the continous monitoring of patients with implanted cardiovascular stents”Grant Firsthttps://www.dxnimble.com/ Spain
QUSIDE TECHNOLOGIES SLRPUQuantum-based Randomness Processing Units (RPUs) for High-Performance Computation and Data SecurityBlended Financewww.quside.com Spain
Acorai ABAHMAcorai Heart Monitor – Non-invasive multi-sensor device for heart failure monitoringBlended Financehttp://acorai.com Sweden
Zigrid ABZiGrid TechnologyShifting Waste Heat from Problem to PowerBlended Financehttps://www.zigrid.se/ Sweden
SolasCure LimitedAurase Wound GeLeveraging biomimicry and evidence-based medicine to treat patients with chronic woundsGrant Onlysolascure.com United Kingdom
Strolll LimitedNavigAItNavigAIt, an artificial intelligence application for augmented reality glasses to provide intelligent on-demand cueing to assist everyday walking for people with Parkinson’s disease anywhere, anytimeGrant Onlywww.strolll.co United Kingdom
PROMETHEAN PARTICLES LTDREMBRANDTRapidly accElerating Mof-Based soRbents as A Novel Decarbonisation TechnologyGrant Onlywww.prometheanparticles.co.uk United Kingdom

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