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EIC Accelerator winners and statistics March 2023: €261 million for European deep-techs

The EIC Accelerator is a funding programme under Horizon Europe that offers support to start-ups and SMEs in the form of grants and investments to bring game-changing innovations to the market. 

The second EIC 2023 call closed on March 22, 2023, when a new set of companies were awarded by the European Innovation Council to receive funding. Results have been recently published:

  • 51 companies have been funded by the EIC in the March 2023 call (an increase by 59% compared to the previous call) with a total budget of €261M (33% increase in budget),
  • The selected companies spread across 17 countries, but the top three countries in this call have been the Netherlands (14%), France (12%), Israel and UK (9% each).
  • Blended Finance has been the most awarded financing type (45%).

551 proposals were submitted for this call (an increase by 15%), and 139 reached the interview stage (25% success rate). Although this call has not been as competitive as the January call, the selected companies have gone through a challenging and competitive process where only 51 of them (9% success rate at Step 3) have been awarded (19 more companies compared to the previous one, that is, an increase by 12% in success rates).

Almost 30% percent of the winners (15 of the 51 companies) have a female CEO, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) or CSO (Chief Scientific Officer).

More companies have been funded through this call which also represents an increase in budget: this time, the total awarded funding amounts to €261 million in a combination of grants and equity investments, which will be paid through the EIC Fund.

The geographical focus of the winners spreads across 17 countries,  including three widening countries, being Netherlands (14%), France (12%), Israel and UK (9% each) the countries on the top of the chart:

EIC winners per country March 2023

Figure 1. Number of EIC winners per country

Most awarded projects belong to blended finance (23 out of 51 proposals, 45%), followed by grant first (22 out of 51 applications, 43%) and, finally, grant only (6 out of 51 proposals, 12%).

Share of winning projects by financing type EIC March 2023 call

Figure 2. Share of winning projects by financing type

The 51 awarded projects can be classified into three categories: New deep-tech technologies & ICT; Health & Medical care; and Environment. Health has been the most awarded area with 27 out of 51 projects (52.94%), followed by new deep-tech technologies and ICT (17 out of 51 projects, 33.33%), and, finally, environment (7 out of 51, 13.72%).

Share of winning projects by innovation area EIC March 2023 call

Figure 3. Share of winning projects by innovation area.

The table below includes the full list of winners, including our friends from ENERPOLY, the Swedish startup disrupting the battery market through its unique and environmentally friendly zinc-ion battery cells and packs for stationary storage. Congratulations to all winners!

Company NameProposal AcronymShort DescriptionRecommended Financing TypeWebsiteCountry
ContextflowGMBHScaling generation AI chest CTIntegrated AI-based Clinical Decision Support for RadiologistsBlended finance Austria
Arcsec NVDeDUSTDebris Detection Using Star TrackersGrant only Belgium
Convert Pharmaceuticals S.ATUMAGNOSTICA disruptive hypoxia activated prodrug for the treatment of resistant cancers: an AI-driven approachBlended Belgium
Rehaler ApSPAREMAPArtial REbreathing for Migraine with AuraGrant Denmark
SUBRA A/SSUBRACABLEMaking Superconducting power grids a feasible solution for EuropeGrant first Denmark
Better Medicine OÜBMAIEmpowering Radiologists in Cancer Diagnostics with Artificial IntelligenceGrant first Estonia
GeneCode ASKevadBioDeveloping a novel Parkinson’s disease drug using small molecule mimetics of Glial cell line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF)Grant first Estonia
Ligneasy OyLignEasyWorlds first sulfuric acid-free kraft lignin recovery systemGrant first Finland
CephalgoADAPTEA novel and accurate emotion recognition system for real-time and continuous patient monitoring in psychiatryGrant first France
DIOGENX SASDiogenXBeta-cell recovery to counter diabetesBlended finance France
Giskard AI (SAS)GiskardQuality Assurance for AIGrant first France
GREENERWAVEGreenerwaveThe first high-performance, low-cost flat panel antenna terminal at Ka band to unlock the full potential of satellite-based broadband communicationsBlended France
PLENESYShyplasmaA clean and cost competitive hydrogen production solution near the end user thanks to an innovative plasma methane pyrolysis technologyBlended France
PanntherapiPANNEXINPannexin 1 – a novel target for pediatric orphan epilepsyGrant first France
Cellbox-Solutions GmbHCELLBOXInnovative transport of “in culture” cell-based materials ensuring product safety, quality and functionBlended finance Germany
LUBIS EDA GmbHOverSemiOptimisation of a novel software tool for automation of the design & verification process of semiconductor developmentGrant first Germany
Angiolutions GmbHSTAAART SmarT Abdominal Aortic AneuRysm TreatmentWorld’s first device-based treatment for small abdominal aortic aneurysms based on revolutionary new treatment paradigmGrant first Germany
Twinsity GmbHTwinspectFirst fast and automated (<5 min) AI-based inspection to increase operational safety of large critical infrastructure, e.g., bridges, dams, and oil & gas platforms and refineries Blended finance Germany
BIOSIMULYTICS LIMITEDbiosim m2mBioSim M2M: Molecules to MedicineGrant first
Celtic Biotech LtdCB24Development of a natural therapeutic treatment for late-stage lung cancer patientsGrant first Ireland
Luminate Medical LimitedLILYLILY: A Breakthrough Technology to Prevent Chemotherapy-Induced Hair LossBlended finance Ireland
Hooke Bio LtdMEra – Micro EraMera – Ethical, accurate drug developmentBlended Ireland
Escala Medical LTDapyxThe first non-surgical repair for Pelvic Organ ProlapseBlended finance Israel
Butterfly Medical Ltd.MPRDInnovative, minimally invasive Medical Prostatic Retraction Device for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Patients in the office settings.Blended finance Israel
NeuReality LTDNR1AI-centric Server on Chip for increasing complexity and scale of AI inference applications, enabling the scale of real-life AI applicationsBlended finance Israel
BIOPROTECT LTDProSpaceBioProtect Balloon Implant System – Enabling Safe Prostate Radiation Treatment even at extreme dosageBlended finance Israel
X-trodes LtdS-trodesReliable Medical Grade Home-Based Test for Self-Use for people with Sleep DIsordersBlended finance Israel
Finapp srlfinapp cosmic ray neutron sensingScaling up the FINAPP Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing probeGrant first Italy
HPCC System srlNbyNThe New Generation Needle by Needle Knitting MachineGrant first Italy
MORPHOTONICS BVAR-R2PMass Manufacturing Augmented Reality (AR) Waveguides via Roll-to-Plate NanoimprintingGrant first Netherlands
ORANGE QUANTUM SYSTEMS OPERATIONAL BVHTQC-DiagnosticsHigh-Throughput Quantum Chip DiagnosticsGrant first Netherlands
Genewity B.V.i-THYMUSThe i-Thymus: wielding the potential of gene therapy, cell therapy and induced pluripotent stem cells for the regeneration of the thymus and the adaptive immune systemGrant firsthttp// Netherlands
THIRONA BVLungQ-CareFacilitating personalised Lung Treatment Decisions through a Deeptech AI Clinical Decision Support SystemGrant first Netherlands
Magneto B.V.Magnetocaloric heating and coolingDisrupting the cooling and heating industry: a revolutionary green, energy efficient and cost competitive magnetocaloric technology platformGrant first Netherlands
Mu-G Knowledge Management BVPATSPATS: Eliminating pesticides!Blended Netherlands
PAMGENE INTERNATIONAL BVROUTINEcanceR agnOstic immUnoTherapy predIctioN blood-tEstBlended finance Netherlands
Excess Engineering ASElectric Actuator (The missing link)Electrification of heavy machineryBlended Norway
PICTERUS ASPicterus Jaundice mHealth platformBringing newborn care home: An integral mHealth solution for neonatal jaundice managementGrant first Norway
SGPR.TECH SPLOKA Z OGRANICZONA ODPOWIEDZIALNOSCIAWIDMO CitiesProviding complete subsurface information of the urban areasBlended financewww.widmo.techPoland
Hydrumedical, S.AHYDRUSTENTHydrogel Biodegradable Ureteral StentBlended Portugal
Oils4cure S.L.oils4cureOils4cure: finding an effective drug to alleviate Refractory Epilepsy, one of the most severe symptoms in the pathology of Tuberous SclerosisGrant first Spain
MiMARK Diagnostics, S.LWomECReshaping women’s health through the understanding of gynecological fluids. WomEC: Antibody-based IVD test based on 5 novel protein biomarkers quantified in liquid biopsyGrant first Spain
ENERPOLY ABEUROZIPEUROZIP: European Zinc-Ion PlantBlended Sweden
NEOGAP Therapeutics ABNEOpTTLInnovative approach to an Individualised T-Cell Immunotherapy for cancer, using Personalised Tumour Trained Lymphocytes (pTTL) that is reliable, cost-effective, scalable and easy to implementBlended Sweden
Molecular Attraction ABSemioMVCMosquito-specific phagostimulants and pheromones for environment-friendly mosquito vector controlBlended finance Sweden
Lumi Space LtdLumi SLRRevolutionising space sustainability through precise and scalable Satellite Laser RangingGrant only United Kingdom
CRYPTO QUANTIQUE LIMITEDQRYPTONQuantum secuRe crYptograPhy to secure IoT devices in deep submicrOn NodesGrant only United Kingdom
Newrotex LimitedThe Oxford Nerve ConduitA breakthrough silk-based solution for treatment of peripheral nerve injuryGrant only United Kingdom
Wave Photonics Ltd.Wave PhotonicsThe platform to unleash the transformative potential of integrated photonicsGrant only United Kingdom
Zero Point Motion LtdZPM IMUZERO POINT MOTION LTDGrant only United Kingdom

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