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EIC Accelerator winners and statistics January 2023 

The first EIC 2023 call closed on January 11, 2023 and results have been recently published:

  • 32 companies have been funded by the EIC in the January 2023 call with a total budget of €195.8M,
  • The top countries have been the Netherlands (22%), Sweden (9%), Denmark (9%) and Ireland (9%),
  • Blended finance has been the most requested financing type  (53.12%).

This first cut-off has come with several surprises: Only 476 applications were submitted showing a sharp decrease in the participation rate by 43% compared to the previous call). Besides, while the Step 2 success rate increased to 33.40% as 159 companies reached the interview, only 32 companies were finally funded (7% success rate). The interview has therefore become the most challenging step in the last call. The reasons for this change in success rates have not been made public by the EIC.

The upward trend in female winners is consolidating as 40% percent of the winners (13 of the 32 companies) have a female CEO, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) or CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) which is the highest share to date.

Almost €196M will be provided to the selected companies combining grants and equity investments, which will be made through the EIC Fund. 94% of recommended funding is for beneficiaries in EU Member States, of which 17% is for widening country applicants.

The geographical focus of the winners spread across 14 countries, being the Netherlands (22%), Sweden (9%), Denmark (9%) and Ireland (9%) the countries on the top of the chart. 

Fig. 1. Number of EIC winners per country

Most awarded projects belong to blended finance (17 out of 32 proposals, 53%), followed by grant first (12 out of 32 applications, 38%) and, finally, grant only (3 out of 32 proposals, 9%). 

Figure 2: Share of winning projects by financing type

The 32 awarded projects can be classified into four categories: New deep-tech technologies & ICT; Health & Medical care; and Environment & Energy. Health has been the most awarded area with 19 out of 32 projects (59%), followed by new deep-tech technologies and ICT (8 out of 32 projects, 25%), and, finally, environment and energy (5 out of 32, 15.6%).

Figure 3: Share of winning projects by innovation area.

The table below includes the full list  of winners:

Company NameProposal AcronymShort Description Recommended Financing TypeWebsiteCountry
Check Point Care LtdARCHANGELAdvanced Remote Continuous patient Health mANaGemEnt SoLutionBlended Bulgaria
Tampon Innovations LtdVMS – Vaginal Microbiome ScreeningCommercialisation and scale up of a Vaginal Microbiome Screening service with a menstrual tampon collection device and a digital layer to provide diagnosis, disease risk evaluation and aftercare.Grant Bulgaria
SAMPLIX ApSCellularityThe critical shift to single-cell formats in functional analyses of living cellsBlended Denmark
Kvantify Aps.KvasirAcceleratorThe first utility-oriented, agnostic software platform for quantum-centric drug discoveryGrant first Denmark
Bifrost Communications Apsqc-rosaa Quasi Coherent Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly technology for improved access networksBlended Denmark
Pibond OyIO-PRSilicon-Rich Materials for Advanced Semiconductor FabricationGrant Finland
CurifyLabs OyPMedEnabling patient specific medicines using 3D printing in hospitals and pharmaciesGrant first Finland
SMART IMMUNESmart ProTcellSmart Immune ProTcell: first-in-class allogeneic thymus empowered T cell therapy platform for fast and durable immune system reconstitutionBlended finance France
vorteX.ioWHYLDWorlwide HYdrological Large-scale DatabaseGrant only France
Avelios Medical GmbHDigitising Hospitals For Better Patient CareFirst modular, interconnected, data- and AI-driven software platform for the digitisation of patient care in the healthcare industryGrant only Germany
Hybrid Lidar Systems AGLiSSA 3DNext Generation LiDAR for Automotive and Industrial Use CasesBlended finance Germany
Nemysis LtdEndoprotease 40 (E40)First ever preventive treatment for celiac disease and gluten sensitivityGrant first Ireland
Versono Medical LimitedFASTWIRETransformational crossing system to prevent amputation and treat complex chronic total occlusions in critical limb ischemiaGrant first
TECHNOLOGY FROM IDEAS LIMITEDTfI SeaSpringsMaking access to the ocean affordable through our SeaSprings mooring solutionBlended finance
PARAGATE MEDICAL LTDFILBERTAn innovative implantable device and management platform to prevent chronic fluid congestionBlended finance Israel
Naco TechnologiesNaco TechNovel nano coating process to empower the green hydrogen revolutionBlended Latvia
COVAL ENERGY BVGAFTProduction of High-quality Fatty Acids Feedstock for use in SAF ProductionGrant first Netherlands
inBiome B.V.Molecular CultureWorld’s first diagnostic test that can detect all bacterial species in a single assayGrant first
Ocean Grazer B.V.OCEANBATTERYUnlocking the full potential of renewable energy with the Ocean BatteryGrant first Netherlands
SentryX B.V.OPERASOpioid-free Pain relief for Enhanced Recovery After Spine fixation surgeryBlended finance Netherlands
INNATERA NANOSYSTEMS BVSpiking Neural ProcessorAlways-On Intelligent Sensing with the Spiking Neural ProcessorBlended finance Netherlands
STIL B.VSTABILISStabilis – Providing relief for tremor patientsBlended finance Netherlands
VITESTRO BVVD-1The World’s First Autonomous Blood Drawing DeviceBlended finance Netherlands
BEIT Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnosciaCOMFTQUAEnabling efficient computation on fault tolerant quantum computersGrant Poland
BAC3GEL, LDA.Bac3GelNew generation of substrates to harness the full power of microorganismsGrant Portugal
iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber, LdaiLoFIntelligent Lab on Fiber: AI-augmented photonics to identify and quantify disease biomarkersBlended finance Portugal
POLYFLY SLHoverPollinationHoverflies as a new class of managed pollinators for better quantitative and qualitative yields of vegetable, fruit and seed cropsBlended finance Spain
MEDICSENSORS SLSONOPHORESIS SMARTPATCHSonophoresis smartpatch for pain-free, controllable, and wearable transdermal drug deliveryGrant Spain
Elonroad ABElonroadOn-the-go charging system for heavy electric vehicles in ports and other closed loop applicationsBlended finance Sweden
Nobula3D ABNOBULANobula – Breaking the glass ceiling in Additive Manufacturing through laser-assisted glass 3D printingBlended finance Sweden
Inossia ABSMART-SOFTInossia Cement Softener – a new and unique additive to bone cements to revolutionise the treatment of vertebral fractures in osteoporotic patientsBlended finance Sweden
Momentum Bioscience LimitedSepsiSTATDisruptive diagnostic for bacterial infection directly from whole blood in patients with SEPSISGrant only United Kingdom

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