Top funded European battery startups

The energy storage sector is highly complex. The graph uses a simple classificaton method for European battery startups . Source: Strata

Today, no one denies that climate change is one of the greatest challenges that humankind has ever faced. In order to overcome it, Europe is set out to stay at the forefront of technology developments that aim to facilitate the necessary paradigm transition towards a decarbonised economy.

The European Green Deal is the most ambitious policy support program for a greener economy. It aims to boost the technological transformation towards a European competitive economy in which economic growth is decoupled from resource use and no net emissions of greenhouses occur by 2050.

The objective is daunting. Europe needs to decarbonize all segments of its economy and this requires an impressive boost of renewable energy as well as new ways of massive energy storage. The intermittent nature of renewable energy creates an unprecedented need for energy storage that no technology alone can satisfy.

At Strata we have identified some of the best funded startups in the energy storage space.

European battery startups
European battery startups funding. The scale does not apply to NorthVolt which raised $2.7 B in June 2021.

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