EIC Transition winners and statistics September 2022

The results from the latest EIC (European Innovation Council) Transition Open and Challenges have been recently announced. 

Regarding the EIC Transition Open call, there has been a considerable increase in the number of applications received in this second cut-off (287 in contrast to 165 in the first 2022 cut-off). This represents an increase by 74%:

  • Applications came from 33 countries,
  • From 287 applications, 157 proposals were considered eligible (54.70%), and 27 projects have received funding (9.4% success rate),
  • €2.29M average EU grant.

In the case of the EIC Transition Challenges

  • Applications came from 19 countries,
  • From 51 applications received, 24 of them were eligible (47%) and 7 projects have received funding (13.72% success rate).
  • €2.49M average EU grant.

What is the EIC Transition programme?

The EIC Transition projects focus on results generated by EIC PathfinderFET (Future and Emerging Technologies) or European Research Council (ERC) Proof of Concept projects so as to further develop the technology and build a business case for specific applications. 

Grants of up to €2.5 million are  given to each project to validate and test technologies in application-relevant environments and develop market readiness (totaling €79.3M). Selected projects receive access to EIC Business Acceleration Services including coaching, mentoring, and partnering events. Projects are also eligible for the fast track scheme to access the EIC Accelerator for supporting the commercialisation and scale up phases.

Research teams, SMEs, spin outs and small consortia (up to 5 partners from different countries) are supported by the EIC Transition to mature and validate their novel technologies. This latest EIC Transition call included targeted funding for clean energy, green digital devices and RNA-based therapies and diagnostics for complex or rare genetic diseases technologies as well as open funding for any area of technology

The top four countries participants in the EIC Transition Open and the EIC Transition Challenges Calls are Spain, Italy, Germany and France. The table below shows the number of awarded projects per coordinator’s country:

12 out of the 34 approved applications (35%) have been submitted by an RTO as coordinators, that is, either by universities, institutes for research or research centers, while the remaining 22 applications have been submitted by a company as coordinator (65%).

The table below shows the full list of winners:

Proposal AcronymProposal TitleCoordinating OrganisationCountry CoordinatorDuration (months)Recommended Budget
3DPRINTOPTIXMARKET3D Printed Micro-Optics to the MarketPrintoptix GmbHDE362.496.602,75 €
LiveSen-MAPReal-time nutrient sensing for mapping fertilizer needsTECHNISCHE UNIVERSITAET MUENCHENDE362.499.955,00 €
MagSenseHyperpolarized NMR made simpleNVISION IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES GMBHDE242.451.913,75 €
SPINNODESpiNNaker on the EdgeSpiNNcloud Systems GmbHDE242.500.000,00 €
SUPREMESuperconductor-Based Readiness Enhanced Magnetoplasmadynamic Electric PropulsionNEUTRONSTAR SYSTEMS UGDE302.499.995,75 €
GLASSGreen Laser-Assisted Surface StructuringBiomimeticEL302.498.945,00 €
CARxALLNext generation, off-the-shelf CD1a/CCR9-directed CAR immunotherapy for relapse/refractory T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemiaONECHAIN IMMUNOTHERAPEUTICSES362.497.500,00 €
HDLNHigh-Density Lithium Niobate Photonic Integrated CircuitsVLC PHOTONICS SLES301.549.111,25 €
QSTACKLow-power consumption, heavy-metal-free wide-spectrum image sensors for mass-market computer vision applicationsQURV TECHNOLOGIES SLES242.370.937,50 €
RoCCQeTReal-World Commercial Coherent Quantum Annealing TechnologyQILIMANJARO QUANTUM TECH SLES242.495.000,00 €
SOIL2POWERSOIL microbial fuel cells TO (2) POWER precise irrigation systems.ARKYNE TECHNOLOGIES SLES362.499.812,50 €
TraffikGene-TxTraffikGene-Tx: Targeted Peptide Carriers for RNA DeliveryUNIVERSIDAD DE SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELAES362.499.000,00 €
PeptiCHIPPre-clinical validation and demonstration of PeptiCHIP: an immunopurification microfluidic device and software for (neo)antigen identification and prioritizationValo Therapeutics OyFI242.226.280,00 €
SoCoolSolid-State Cooling Technology for Cryogenic DevicesTEKNOLOGIAN TUTKIMUSKESKUS VTT OYFI361.298.411,00 €
GALILEOThe first wide range flow sensor to unlock microfluidic cell analyses for preclinical studiesELVESYSFR241.667.500,00 €
MAG.NETMagnetic neural Network for predictive maintenanceGolana ComputingFR362.500.000,00 €
MAGNIFYMulti-lane, high-power Photonic Integrated Circuit-based Erbium-Doped AmplifierLIGENTEC FRANCEFR361.584.066,25 €
SMARTWAYNano meta components for electronic smart wireless systemsTHALESFR362.457.765,00 €
SPIN-IONHybrid Spintronic Synapses for Neuromorphic ComputingSPIN-ION TECHNOLOGIESFR302.500.000,00 €
Crop4ClimaResilient and environmentally sustainable engineered crops to address climate changeEVOGENE LTDIL322.475.562,50 €
BIOPUREBiopharmaceuticals purification by continuous membraneassisted crystallization achieving lower cost and intensified processesCONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHEIT362.491.245,00 €
KEEPERKey codE based on nanomatErials to Protect sErvices and pRoductsPOLITECNICO DI MILANOIT302.111.146,25 €
PHIREPhotoacoustic imaging and artificial intelligence-based theranostc approach for cancerOSPEDALE SAN RAFFAELE SRLIT362.471.021,25 €
PreBiomicsPMTA metagenomic-based precision-medicine tool for personalized diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of oral diseasesPREBIOMICS SRLIT362.461.900,00 €
SILKinkRevolutionary silk-based bioink for 3D printing of ex vivo bone marrow models to advance drug development and personalized medicineUNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI PAVIAIT362.494.687,50 €
GrooveGermanium quantum processors: more, robust, availableTECHNISCHE UNIVERSITEIT DELFTNL242.500.000,00 €
LUMINODINA multipotent fluorescent tracer for imaging cancer lesions during surgery and follow upACADEMISCH ZIEKENHUIS LEIDENNL362.500.000,00 €
BIGALPSBio Inspired Geotechnical Applications to Launch PanEuropean SolutionsUNIVERSITATEA TEHNICA CLUJNAPOCARO361.756.837,50 €
TOPFIBROTargeting OGG1 in Idiopathic Pulmonary FibrosisOXCIA ABSE362.500.000,00 €
ENABLERTech and business validation towards market readiness of high-performance PFSA-free intermetallic Pt-alloy membrane electrode assemblies for PEMFCs: Enabling nextgen hydrogen-based transportRECATALYST, RAZVOJ, PROIZVODNJA IN PRODAJA KATALIZATORSKIH KOMPOZITOV, D.O.O.SI302.495.900,00 €
GENERAA revolutionary, highly versatile drug delivery platform based on Metal-Organic FrameworksVector Bioscience Cambridge LtdUK362.498.082,00 €
IBDSENSENon-invasive technologies for diagnosis and monitoring of inflammatory bowel diseasesTHE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGHUK362.466.590,00 €

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