First Horizon Europe EIC Accelerator 2021 results: EIC funds 65 deep-tech companies with more than €363 million

Read about the statistics, success rates and the list of awarded projects

The results of the first EIC Accelerator cut-off date, which closed in June have been recently published. This is the first fully-fledged EIC Accelerator call beloging to the new Horizon Europe programme and therefore the results and statistics are of utmost interest to drawing conclusions about the best strategies to follow in subsequent calls.

Although the information published by the EIC is scattered and limited, we have tried to gather as much data as possible. The statistics of the results of the first call materialise the so-many changes made on the application and evaluation processes in 2021. Data speak louder than words!

First, let’s look at the core metrics delivered by the EIC:

  • 65 companies will receive funding
  • 92% (60) out of the winning companies will receive investment
  • €363 million will be allocated to these companies
  • €227 million will be allocated in the form of investment component
  • Winners represent a total of 16 countries, being the top countries France (18%), Germany (17%) and Netherlands (12%)
  • 20% successful proposals from female CEOs.

On top of that, 24 Swiss companies also obtained a GO at Step 2 but were deemed ineligible given the unfruitful negotiations between the Swiss Government and the EU. These projects will be funded directly by the Swiss government but the grant agreements are still under preparation. We at Strata have some good news from our Swiss clients that we hope we’ll be able to publish soon!


The following charts illustrate the results:

EIC June 2021 cut-off winners by country
EIC June 2021 cut-off winners by funding type

Other key metrics

The following table includes additional key metrics that are extremely important to future applicants:

Average awarded grant2.09 M€
Average awarded investment3.78 M€
Open call Step 2 submissions375
Digital and Health challenge Step 2 submissions426
Green Deal Step 2 submissions203
Total Step 1 submissions2000
Step 1 Success rate68%
Total Step 2 submissions801
Step 2 proposals that did not reach the deadline or were abandoned554
Step 2 abandon rate41%
Step 2 Success rate (incl. Swiss applicants)19%
Number of interviews130
Step 3 (interview) success rate50%
Overall success rate (Step 1- Step 3) incl. abandoned proposals3.25%
Overall success rate (Step 1- Step 3) without abandoned proposals6.46%
Overall success rate (Step 1 – Step 3) for grant-only applications3.62%
Overall success rate (Step 1 – Step 3) for blended-finance applications8.30%
Annual budget allocated to the EIC Accelerator Open call (million eur)592.5
Annual budget allocated to the EIC Accelerator Challenge Driven calls (million eur)495.1
Share of the annual budget disbursed33.38%
Success rate Step 2 + Step 3 Open call9.44%
Success rate Step 2 + Step 3 Challenge Driven calls6.95%
Key EIC Accelerator metrics. June 2021 cut-off

Disclaimer: A number of assumptions have been made where data was not available:

  • The Step 1 success rate was extrapolated based on a partial data published through LinkedIn by EIC representatives.
  • The Topic success rates were calculated assuming the budget distribution has been maintained and distributed homogenously among the applicants (45.52% of awarded companies through the Challenge Driven calls)


Some interesting and surprising conclusions:

  • The average grant is increasing
  • The Step 2 success rate is surprisingly high (19% of GOs among all submitted proposals)
  • The Step 2 abandon rate is also very high (41% of the Step 1 GOs didn’t submit a Step 2 proposal). Undoubtedly, the very short timeframe available in June since the release of the EIC application platform and the extraordinarily long and cumbersome Step 2 application form have achieved their goal in limiting the number of submitted proposals.
  • The success rate for blended finance applications more than doubles the one for grant-only applications. It is however difficult to understand if this is due to the lower readiness level of grant-only projects, the lower quality of grant-only proposals or a biased evaluation process that favours blended-finance over grant-only operations.
  • Contrary to popular thinking, the success rate seems to be higher for the Open call than for the Challenge driven calls. This might be due to the fact that the Challenges were actually quite broad and attracted a higher number of applications.

Annex: Full list

The full list of funded companies is included below.

Company NameProposal AcronymShort descriptionRecommended Financing TypeWebsiteCountry
Perseus Biomics BVBAPerseus MAPMicrobiome Abundance Profiling: Precision microbiome profiling for insights into human health & researchFull blended
VEOWARESATAGILITY-GO2MARKETInnovative next-generation space actuator technology enabling satellites to manoeuvre 10 times faster to boost their effectivenessFull blendedhttps://www.veoware.spaceBelgium
SUNRISESUNRISE TxAffordable light solution for treating sleep apneaFull blended
SPECTRO INLETS APSUBISpecUbiquitous in-line mass spectroscopy for industrial process monitoring and optimisation with sustainable impactsGrant only
Kaffe BuenoKB-BIOREFINERYA biorefinery for upcycling coffee waste into sustainable, healthy, high-value ingredientsGrant first
SPARROW QUANTUM ASQTOOLSingle-Photon Light Sources for Quantum TechnologiesFull blended
Inprother ApsCancERVaccTargeting Cancer with ERV VaccinesFull blended
Hoba Therapeutics ApSSense21HB-086 and HB-097 for treatment of chronic sensory neuronal disorders – neuropathic pain and hearing lossGrant firstwww.hobatherapeutics.comDenmark
MultiCharge OUACTAmpher unique controller technology that enables using the full available grid capacity and allows charging up to 6x more EVs simultaneously with the same grid connectionFull blendedEstonia
RisutecForest MakerNew-generation integrated automated planter platformFull blended
MINIMA PROCESSOR OYMINIMA EDAUltra-low energy computing technology to make intelligent wireless devices energy efficientFull blended
GlucoModicum OyPREVENTDIABETESThe world’s first needle-free continuous glucose monitor to prevent and manage diabetes at scaleFull blended
LACTIPSECOLACTIPACKA material to unlock plastic-free paper packaging for foodFull blended
SABI AGRISWARMCultivate crops with a fleet of electric agroecological robots that preserve the soilsGrant firstwww.sabi-agri.comFrance
SquareMindSWANSWAN: Blitzscaling the early detection of skin cancerGrant first
SAS UPMEMENERGIA/PIMAccelerating datacentre performance through memory chips to efficiently manage the big data ageGrant first
EVerZomACROBATToward democratisation of extracellular vesicles-based therapiesGrant first
Qubit PharmaceuticalsATLASNext generation HPC/QC in silico drug discovery platform leveraging the latest advances in high-performance and quantum computingFull blended
ALICE & BOBCatQubitUniversal quantum computers with self-correcting cat-qubit technologyFull blended
SynovanceNextGen DyesEfficient bio-production of next generation dyes for sustainable fashionFull blended
AENITIS TECHNOLOGIESACI2021Reliable and durable composite bonding & fastening solutionsEquity onlywww.aenitis.frFrance
COLD PADC_CLAW_C_HAWKC-CLAW – The revolutionary Non-intrusive mechanical Fastener that facilitates life extension of existing infrastructuresFull blended
GANYMED ROBOTICSGanymedNext-generation surgical robotics to set a new standard of care in orthopaedic surgeryFull blended
OLEDCOMM SASSATELLIFEDisruptive communication system based on LiFi technology for spacecrafts and aerospace infrastructureFull blended
Orbem GmbHOrbem GenusThe Orbem Genus: AI-powered imaging technology for fast, accurate, and contactless object classification & analyticsGrant onlywww.orbem.aiGermany
SeqanaSeqanaBreakthrough satellite-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solutionGrant first
NEBUMA GmbHKRAFTBLOCKScalable, modular, high temperature, cost-efficient thermal energy and power storage and conversion system made of upcycled industrial by-productsGrant only
STABL Energy GmbHSMART BATTERYIncreasing the efficiency, sustainability and lifecycles of battery systems through advanced module-level power electronicsFull blendedwww.stabl.comGermany
ITHERA MEDICAL GMBHFRONTIERFrom research optoacoustic novelty to imaging established in routine diagnosticsFull blendedwww.ithera-medical.comGermany
traceless materials GmbHMaEtraMarket Entry traceless materialsFull blendedhttps://www.traceless.euGermany
Smartlane GmbHLogisticsBrainSelf-learning AI-based transport optimization software as a service for the most complex logis-tics scenarios in real-time enabling double-digit cost-, CO2- and tyre wear savingsGrant only
RadonTec GmbHAlphaSensorMaking protection from cancer-causing radon available to everyone with a unique radon sensor: small, fast, reliable, connected, affordableGrant first
GrOwnValve GmbHGrownValveA prosthetic heart valve for adults and children, made from the patient’s own tissue, a replacement heart valve that lasts a lifetimeFull blended
nyris GmbHNyrisTransforming industrial part replacement and after sales through visual search and synthetic imagesFull blended
PROSION GmbHProMThe ProM platform: New ways to drug the undruggableGrant first
AVeta MedicalAVetaHormone-free solution for vaginal atrophyGrant first
Akara Robotics LimitedAVRICSAkara Violet Robotic Infection Control SystemGrant first
CRANNMED LTDEmboSureDisruptive, drug free treatment of knee osteoarthritis using novel materials and minimally invasive catheter deliveryGrant firstwww.crannmed.comIreland
Contego Sports LtdNProSendDevelopment and commercialisation of a next generation sports head guard, embedded with clinically validated sensors, for the detection of sports induced brain injuriesGrant first
PROVERUM MEDICALProVee IISimple, safe and effective treatment solutions for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), that can be provided in the doctor’s office.Equity only
CorNeat Vision Ltd.RESEEA Revolutionary Artificial Cornea and Surgical ProcedureGrant only
Innoventric LtdTrilliumA transcatheter functional valve replacement for tricuspid valve insufficiencyFull blended
Wi-Charge LtdWI-CHARGEWi-Charge is developing a paradigm-shift in wireless power systems that overcomes current limitations, allowing charging devices over the air with a range of 10 meters and available power that is 100X more than batteriesEquity onlywww.wi-charge.comIsrael
ZYGOFIX LTDzLOCKThe first true minimally-invasive spinal fusion systemFull blended
enGenome srleVaiA novel bioinformatics SaaS platform to identify and classify the pathogenicity of single genomic variants and oligogenic variant combinations for the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseasesGrant firstwww.engenome.comItaly
VOISEED S.R.L.ETTSA ground-breaking Expressive Text-To-Speech platform to create emotionally resonant virtual voicesFull blended
UAB INOVATYVI MEDICINASERSmart, sensory, tele-operated robotic system Sentante that for the first time ever enables fully robotic endovascular interventionsGrant firstwww.sentante.comLithuania
Orbisk BVBinspectorCutting-edge food waste solution for restaurantsGrant first
PLANT-E BVPlant-ePlant-powered energy harvesting system for IoT solutionsGrant first
SENSIUS B.V.HyperCollar4DRadical improvement of cancer treatment without additional negative side effectsFull blended
Blue Heart Energy B.V.BHEA new high-performance and environmentally clean engine for heat pumps, using thermo-acoustics technologyGrant firsthttps://www.blueheartenergy.comNetherlands
HARDT BVHyperloop for sustainable freight transportHyperloop, for smarter, faster, greener and better transportation starting with freightFull blendedhardt.globalNetherlands
MicroSure BVMEETMUSAAccelerating the impact of microsurgery by upscaling production of the world’s first microsurgical robotGrant firsthttps://microsure.nlNetherlands
DELMIC CRYO BVMIMAS WorkflowUnlocking the potential of cryo-electron tomography by simplification of the sample preparation workflowEquity onlywww.delmic.comNetherlands
VarmX BVStopBleedingThe first effective and safe reversal agent to stop or prevent life-threatening bleeding in patients taking the emerging generation of anticoagulants.Full blended
N2 APPLIED ASSmartNitroFarm Scale-upRenewable fertiliser from airEquity onlywww.n2applied.comNorway
Bluegrove ASBluegrove Welfare ShieldSustainable seafood productionGrant first
Arboreabiofoods LDABiosolar LeafDisrupting the food ingredient and protein markets: a breakthrough technology for large-scale microalgae cultivation.Grant first
RUBYNANOMED, UNIPESSOAL LDABRIGHTBest-in-class cancer dIagnostic chip for patient stratification.Full blended
GLYCANOSTICS SROProSCANProstate cancer diagnostics using a non-invasive test based on innovative glycan-based scanningGrant first
FOLLOWHEALTH SLHumanITcareRevolutionising remote care of chronic disease patients – an interoperable and smart monitoring platformFull blended
BOUND 4 BLUE SLbound4blueAdvanced sails to reduce environmental impact and OPEX of maritime transportFull blended
ROKA FURADADA SLSMART UVSmart Ultraviolet Radiation FiltersGrant first
Kasi Technologies ABNESS New Electrified Supercharging SystemNESS Dual Hybrid Systems’ cost-effective CO2 solutions to increased vehicle electrification and efficiencyGrant first
Intelligent Implants Sweden ABSmartFuseSmartFuse: Game-changer to create a new gold-standard for spinal fusion surgery with wirelessly technologyFull blended

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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