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Innosuisse Swiss Accelerator programme provides CHF 112 million to the most scalable Swiss startups

In 2022, the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse launched a call for projects for the Swiss Accelerator. Designed as a transitional measure intended to provide a backup solution for the EIC (European Innovation Council) Accelerator, the programme is today a very attractive mechanism for highly-scalable impact startups based in Switzerland. 

The Swiss Accelerator is indeed a unique programme because it offers funding support – up to CHF 2.5 million – for scale-up projects once Swiss startups have already entered the market. 

With a total funding worth CHF 112 million, results from the latest call have been recently published. Let’s take a look at the winners!


A total of 752 short applications and 128 full applications were evaluated by three independent experts, following a 17% success rate at step 1. At step 2, 64 of these full applications (50% success rate) were selected to give a pitch presentation. Finally, 53 companies were awarded (82% success rate at step 3). The projects can be classified into the following categories:

Thematic area of the awarded companies for the InnoSuisse 2023 call

Figure 1. Thematic areas.

66% of the awarded companies belong to German-speaking Switzerland, while 32% belong to French-speaking Switzerland and the remaining 2% belong to Italian-speaking Switzerland.

Geographic distribution of the awarded companies for the InnoSuisse 2023 call

Figure 2. Geographic focus of the awarded companies.

The following table shows the awarded companies classified according to their geographic focus and area:

Company NameAreaGeographic Focus
Celeroton AGEnergy & EnvironmentGerman-speaking Switzerland
Cortexia SAEnergy & EnvironmentFrench-speaking Switzerland
Distran AGEnergy & EnvironmentGerman-speaking Switzerland
ExerGo SAEnergy & EnvironmentFrench-speaking Switzerland
Hivoduct AGEnergy & EnvironmentGerman-speaking Switzerland
JJ Cooling Innovation SàrlEnergy & EnvironmentFrench-speaking Switzerland
Neustark AGEnergy & EnvironmentGerman-speaking Switzerland
Novamem AGEnergy & EnvironmentGerman-speaking Switzerland
Pexapark AGEnergy & EnvironmentGerman-speaking Switzerland
smarterion AGEnergy & EnvironmentGerman-speaking Switzerland
Wegaw SAEnergy & EnvironmentFrench-speaking Switzerland
AVAtronics SAEngineeringFrench-speaking Switzerland
CompPair Technologies SAEngineeringFrench-speaking Switzerland
Dufour Aerospace AGEngineeringGerman-speaking Switzerland
InstaHeat AGEngineeringGerman-speaking Switzerland
Kandou Bus SAEngineeringFrench-speaking Switzerland
Polariton Technologies AGEngineeringGerman-speaking Switzerland
UNISERS AGEngineeringGerman-speaking Switzerland
Zaphiro Technologies SAEngineeringFrench-speaking Switzerland
3db Access AGICTGerman-speaking Switzerland
Atinary Technologies SàrlICTFrench-speaking Switzerland
Bionomous SAICTFrench-speaking Switzerland
BLP Digital AGICTGerman-speaking Switzerland
Daedalean AGICTGerman-speaking Switzerland
Dotphoton AGICTGerman-speaking Switzerland
Dq Technologies AGICTGerman-speaking Switzerland
Embotech AGICTGerman-speaking Switzerland
Hydromea SAICTFrench-speaking Switzerland
ORamaVR SAICTFrench-speaking Switzerland
Synthara AGICTGerman-speaking Switzerland
Alentis Therapeutics AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
Araris Biotech AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
BioVersys AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
BÜHLMANN Laboratories AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
CUTISS AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
Field Food AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
GT Gain Therapeutics SALife SciencesItalian-speaking Switzerland
hemotune AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
Hylomorph AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
Ionplus AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
Limula SALife SciencesFrench-speaking Switzerland
Lymphatica Medtech SALife SciencesFrench-speaking Switzerland
Nanoflex Robotics AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
Neurosoft Bioelectronics SALife SciencesFrench-speaking Switzerland
Planted Foods AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
Positrigo AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
T3 Pharmaceuticals AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
Vatorex AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
Volumina Medical SALife SciencesFrench-speaking Switzerland
ZuriMED Technologies AGLife SciencesGerman-speaking Switzerland
MGME Neurotech GmbHSocial Sciences & Business ManagementGerman-speaking Switzerland
Peerdom AGSocial Sciences & Business ManagementGerman-speaking Switzerland
Riskwolf AGSocial Sciences & Business ManagementGerman-speaking Switzerland

Congratulations to all the winners and specially to our friends from Riskwolf!

The next Swiss Accelerator call will open for submission on August 28, 2023 and will close October 9, 2023.

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