EIC Pathfinder October 2022 call: €167 million for early stage development of future technologies

With a total budget worth €167 million, the EIC (European Innovation Council) has selected 44 new projects from 436 evaluated proposals under the  October 2022 EIC Pathfinder call::

  • Each of the 44 awardees will receive on average grant of €3.8 million,
  • 79.5% of the successful projects are coordinated by RTOs (Research and Technology Organizations),
  • 16% of the participants are SMEs.

EIC Pathfinder October 2022  cut-off

From 436 eligible proposals, 44 became beneficiaries of the grant, which indicates a success rate of 10%. 

Apart from the €3.8M grant, awardees will also receive access to tailored-made coaching under the EIC Business Acceleration Services and potential fast track access to the EIC Accelerator.

The awarded projects belong to different areas such as computing, AI (Artificial Intelligence), healthcare, or cleantech, but the most awarded area has been healthcare (43%).

9 out of the 44 approved applications have been submitted by companies as coordinators (that is, 20.5%), while the remaining 35 applications have been submitted by an RTO as coordinator, either by universities, institutes for research or research centers (79.5%).

Figure 1. Winners per coordinator type

In this call, the geographic focus of the selected projects spread across 18 countries. The top 3 countries with regard to the number of awarded proposals are Italy (18%), Spain (13.63%),  and Germany (11.36%), while more than half of the countries only got one application successful:

Figure 2. Winners per country

The table below includes the full list of winners:

AcronymTitleCoordinating organisationCountry coordinatorDuration (months)
VanillaFlowArtificial Intelligence Guided Development of Vanillin-based Flow BatteriesEcolyte GmbHAT36
KERMITKidney Disease Sweat sensor patch for Early diagnosis and Remote MonIToringSILICON AUSTRIA LABS GMBHAT36
MI-DNA DISCMIcrobe-synthesised DNA NAnostructures for DIsplay-controlled Storage CartridgesAIT AUSTRIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY GMBHAT48
Mi-HyMicrobial Hydroponics: Circular Sustainable ElectrobiosynthesisKATHOLIEKE UNIVERSITEIT LEUVENBE48
HEISINGBERGSpatial Quantum Optical Annealer for Spin HamiltoniansUBITECH LIMITEDCY48
ECOMOElectrobiocatalytic cascade for bulk reduction of CO2 to CO coupled to fermentative production of high value diamine monomersTECHNISCHE UNIVERSITAET MUENCHENDE36
SULPHURREALAn innovative thermochemical cycle based on solid sulphur for integrated long-term storage of solar thermal energyDEUTSCHES ZENTRUM FUR LUFT – UND RAUMFAHRT EVDE36
CARDIOREPAIRComprehensive Analysis of RBM20-induced Dilated Cardiomyopathies using Omics Approaches and Repair InterventionsEUROPEAN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY LABORATORYDE60
VOCORDERTowards the ultimate breath analysis -based continuous healthcareARGOS MESSTECHNIK GMBHDE42
MuSiC4DiabetesUnobtrusive Continuous Multi-Metabolite Monitoring for a Physiological Care of Insulin-treated DiabetesFRAUNHOFER GESELLSCHAFT ZUR FORDERUNG DER ANGEWANDTEN FORSCHUNG EVDE48
AELECTRAA new Electrochemical concept for Mid- to Long-term storage of EleCTrical energy in green liquid AmmoniaAARHUS UNIVERSITETDK48
CONFETIGreen valorization of CO2 and Nitrogen compounds for making fertilizersUNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE BARCELONAES36
ICONICIntegrated COnversion of NItrate and Carbonate streamsFUNDACIO INSTITUT DE CIENCIES FOTONIQUESES36
HIPERZABHigh performing electrically rechargeable zinc-air batteries for sustainable mid-term energy storageCENTRO DE INVESTIGACION COOPERATIVA DE ENERGIAS ALTERNATIVAS FUNDACION, CIC ENERGIGUNE FUNDAZIOAES48
WOUNDSENSA Paradigm Shift in Health Monitoring with Electrospun Enzymatic NeomaterialsEVOENZYME SLES48
HYDROCOWHydrogen oxidizing bacteria engineered to valorize CO2 for whey protein productionSOLAR FOODS OYFI48
MIRACLEMultiomIcs based Risk stratification of Atherosclerotic CardiovascuLar disEaseITA-SUOMEN YLIOPISTOFI48
STIMULUSSpeckle Technology and Digital Biomarkers of Microvascular Function for Monitoring Cardiovascular DiseasesTURUN YLIOPISTOFI48
NaV1.5-CAREDNaV1.5 regulation fine-tuning as a therapy for cardiac Conduction and Arrhythmic diseases at Risk of suddEn DeathINSTITUT NATIONAL DE LA SANTE ET DE LA RECHERCHE MEDICALEFR60
HYPERIONProof of concept of affordable and scalable DNA data storage by developing a writing technology based on enzymatic DNA synthesis with a very dense semiconductor integrated circuit (CMOS chip)DNA SCRIPT SASFR48
VeriQuBEfficient Verification of Quantum computing architectures with BosonsINSTITUT NATIONAL DE RECHERCHE EN INFORMATIQUE ET AUTOMATIQUEFR48
DISCODNA-based Infrastructure for Storage and ComputationNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND MAYNOOTHIE60
DiDAXComputational, Chemical and Biotechnology Solutions to Improved DNA Data Storage: from In-Product Information and Cryptography to Long-Term ArchivingTECHNION – ISRAEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYIL48
MuspellMedium to long term thermal energy storage system with embedded heat pumping capabilityACCADEMIA EUROPEA DI BOLZANOIT48
M-TESMetallic phase change material-composites for Thermal Energy management based on Selfencapsulated microstructurePOLITECNICO DI MILANOIT36
IMPACTCardiogenomics meets Artificial Intelligence: a step forward in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy diagnosis and treatmentUNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI PADOVAIT36
IV-LabIn-vessel implantable smart sensing device for personalised medicineFONDAZIONE ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI TECNOLOGIAIT48
Q-ONEQuantum Optical Networks based on Exciton-polaritonsCONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHEIT48
ARTEMISmoleculAR maTerials for on-chip intEgrated quantuM lIght sourceSCONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHEIT48
IQAROSpIn-orbitronic QuAntum bits in Reconfigurable 2D-OxidesCONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHEIT48
FERROMONFerrotransmons and Ferrogatemons for Scalable Superconducting Quantum ComputersUNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI NAPOLI FEDERICO IIIT24
TargetMIA Multi-Omics Approach for Novel Drug Targets, Biomarkers and Risk Algorithms for Myocardial InfarctionUNIVERSITA TA MALTAMT60
B-specificB-specific: B-cell related gene and protein markers with prognostic and therapeutic value for CVDUNIVERSITEIT LEIDENNL48
DCM-NEXTEnabling advances in diagnosis, patient stratification and treatment for dilated cardiomyopathy patients and families.ACADEMISCH MEDISCH CENTRUM BIJ DE UNIVERSITEIT VAN AMSTERDAMNL48
Breath-SenseMiniaturized plasma emission spectroscopy-based breath analysis for unobtrusive at-home monitoring and prediction of COPD exacerbationsRespiro B.VNL42
QuKiTQuantum bits with Kitaev TransmonsTECHNISCHE UNIVERSITEIT DELFTNL48
ReZilientRedox-mediated hybrid zinc-air flow batteries for more resilient integrated power systemsSINTEF ENERGI ASNO48
Blood2PowerBlood as energy source to power smart cardiac devicesI3S – INSTITUTO DE INVESTIGACAO E INOVACAO EM SAUDE DA UNIVERSIDADE DO PORTOPT36
MINICORMILD Combustion with Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide ReformingLUNDS UNIVERSITETSE60
DURA-storeA dynamic, ultra-stable, random-access RNA retrieval databaseKAROLINSKA INSTITUTETSE60
PEARL-DNAInteroperable end-to-end platform of scalable and sustainable high-throughput technologies for DNA-based digital data storageBIOSISTEMIKA, RAZISKAVE IN RAZVOJ DOOSI36

2023 EIC Pathfinder Challenges call will open for applications on 20 June with a deadline of 18 October 2023, 17.00 CET.

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