EIC Accelerator winners and success rate (October 2021 call)

The results for the October 2021 call of the EIC Accelerator have been recently published:

  • 99 companies have been funded by the EIC in the October 2022 call with €627M
  • The success rate has been 8.9% with 1,109 submitted proposals
  • 65.7% of the approved projects requested blended finance
  • France, Germany and Israel are the top 3 countries

The table below includes the full list of winners.


Company NameProposal AcronymShort descriptionRecommended Financing TypeWebsiteCountry
AgroBiogel GmbHAgrobiogelAgroBiogel International Scale-upBlended financewww.agrobiogel.comAustria
CFS CONSULTING FRANCHISE & SALES GMBHcapitoMaking information understandable for everyoneGrant onlyhttps://www.capito.eu/en/Austria
iFLUX nviFLUXReal-time flow and flux measurements for combating groundwater supply and pollution.Grant firsthttps://ifluxsampling.com/enBelgium
LAM’ONFOIL’ONFOIL’ON – developing and producing biodegradable and suitable for compost laminating film called LAM’ON and packaging foil PACK’ON, lowering plastic pollutionGrant onlylam-on.comBulgaria
AGRIVI DOO ZA PROIZVODNJU, TRGOVINU I USLUGEROBIAI Adviser for Agronomy and Food SafetyGrant onlywww.agrivi.comCroatia
MIWA Technologies, a.s.MIWA – SMART REUSABLE PACKAGINGMIWA – SMART REUSABLE PACKAGINGBlended financewww.miwa.euCzechia
STAC TechnologyDEOSBreakthrough Water Vapor Driven Turbo-Compression System for Sustainable, Thermal, Advanced CoolingBlended financehttps://stactechnology.com/Denmark
BrainCaptureEDISONEEG-based DIagnosis Support solutiON• (EDISON) to help close the epilepsy diagnosis gap in Low- and Middle- Income Countries (LMICs) by combining low CAPEX and AI-guided capture with telemedicineGrant firsthttps://braincapture.dk/Denmark
Lotus Microsystems ApSLotus MicroPowerThe World’s Smallest Power ConvertersBlended financewww.lotus-microsystems.comDenmark
Webarx OÃoePROWEBProtecting modern open-source web applicationsGrant firstwww.patchstack.comEstonia
COMPTEK SOLUTIONS OYENLIGHTNovel passivation technique for compound semiconductor devicesBlended financewww.comptek-solutions.comFinland
FIMUSKRAFTFKBPFimuskraft Biogas Plant (FKBP): a revolutionary and cost-effective biotechnological method to treat and valorise biowasteBlended financehttp://www.fimuskraft.fi/Finland
ASKEL HEALTHCARE OYRePaceRebuilding Joint Surface to Prevent Pain and ImmobilityGrant firsthttps://askelhealthcare.com/Finland
LEKATECH OYRHINOElectric bReaker Hammer transforming the mIning aNd cOnstruction industries to zero-emission.Blended financewww.lekatech.fiFinland
broadbit batteries oySodiScaleCheaper, better batteries from common, safe and available raw materialsGrant firsthttp://www.broadbit.com/Finland
TM System Finland OySuperDryerSuper Dryer – Breakthrough clean fibrer dryer to cut emissions in paper production, urban sludge and clothes recyclingBlended financehttps://www.tmsystems.comFinland
Share My SpaceCASSIOPEECollision Avoidance and Space Surveillance Innovations for Orbital Protection in Earth EnvironmentBlended financewww.sharemyspace.spaceFrance
SCINTIL PhotonicsDOLPHINDisruptive OpticaL Engines with PHotonic fully INtegrated Circuits for Optical CommunicationsBlended financewww.scintil-photonics.comFrance
THRUSTMEEMBRACE IIRamping up production capacity of groundbreaking space propulsion systemsBlended financehttps://www.thrustme.fr/France
ENERSENSEN.MOTIONENERSENS Motion to Thin InsulationBlended financehttps://enersens.eu/France
Green Spot TechnologiesFl’Our PlanetValorisation of food production side-streams as multifunctional ingredients by an innovative fermentation process.Blended financehttps://greenspot-tech.com/en/France
APIX ANALYTICS S.AGREENPIXFirst miniaturized universal gas analyzer for all renewable gases in all their extensive and complex composition at all production and consumption phases including Hydrogen purity for fuel cellsBlended financewww.apixanalytics.comFrance
SIPEARLHELIOSHighly Efficient and Lightweight Input/output Open SiliconBlended financehttps://sipearl.com/France
NETRIS PHARMA SASImmunoNetInhibiting resistance to immunotherapy in Oncology by targeting Netrin-1Blended financehttp://www.netrispharma.com/France
BOYDSENSELassieLassie: The first-ever painless breath analyser for people with diabetes, a breakthrough in blood glucose monitoringGrant firstwww.boydsense.comFrance
Lili.aiLili.AIDisruptive AI project management solution to drastically reduce the costs & risks of European large-scale construction projectsBlended financehttps://lili.ai/France
LATTICE MEDICALMATTISSEBreast self-reconstruction: The Promise of Breast Reconstruction with patients’ own tissueBlended financehttps://www.lattice-medical.com/France
Epigene Labs SASmCUBEMulti-omic data driven drug discovery and indication prioritisation platform in oncologyBlended financehttps://www.epigenelabs.com/France
Op2LysisOP2DRAINTo deliver the first medical treatment dedicated to patients with haemorrhagic strokeBlended finance France
LiMM Therapeutics SAPILCKYHarnessing the therapeutic Potential of Innate Lymphoid Cells to prevent and treat KidneY-related diseasesBlended financehttps://www.limmtx.com/France
Unique Entertainment Experience SASPOWDER: the camera of the metaverseTurnkey solution for content creation, editing and sharing thanks to an AI/ML technology that automatically generates highlights from any gaming sourceBlended financehttps://powder.gg/France
SPARTHA MEDICAL SASSPARTHACUSInnovative multifunctional and smart coatings to prevent medical device related infectionsBlended financehttps://sparthamedical.eu/France
BIOWEGBiowegA zero waste process for producing all natural, biodegradable replacement additives for synthetic polymers and microspheresBlended financehttps://bioweg.com/Germany
Arxum GmbHB-LOCSFully digital Blockchain-based Laboratory Operations Control System for real-time and audit-proof Good Manufacturing Practice conformityGrant firstwww.arxum.comGermany
PlanBlue GmbHBLUESURVEYUnlocking the value of a blue economy with a revolutionary Underwater Satellite to promote the sustainable use of our ocean’s resourcesBlended financewww.planblue.comGermany
ADIVO GMBHCAESAR IBD ProjectThe CAESAR IBD Project: Developing Therapeutic Antibodies for PetsBlended financehttps://adivo.vet/Germany
Headmade MaterialsCMFMetal Additive Manufacturing with sinter-based Cold Metal Fusion Technology for mass production of metal partsBlended financehttps://www.headmade-materials.de/en/Germany
CO2BioClean GmbHCO2TEXTILENovel business model enabled by a patented fermentation technology to produce 100% biodegradable textile fibres from CO2-emissionsBlended financehttps://co2bioclean.com/Germany
SciMo – Elektrische Hochleistungsantriebe GmbHeMONICThe Next Generation of Automotive Electric MotorGrant firsthttps://sci-mo.deGermany
eNote GmbHEnoteBringing sheet music into the Digital Era via Artificial IntelligenceBlended financehttps://enote.com/Germany
GENOME BIOLOGICS UGGenBioA disruptive drug discovery and preclinical platform to accelerate the development of novel cardioprotective therapeutics.Blended financehttps://genomebiologics.com/Germany
MAGMENT GmbHMagChargeDevelopment of an efficient and robust wireless inductive charging system for material handling electric vehiclesGrant firsthttps://www.magment.de/Germany
MagnoTherm SolutionsMCDHighly efficient and sustainable refrigeration based on solid state Magnetic Cooling DeviceGrant firsthttps://www.magnotherm.com/Germany
PYDRO GMBHPYDRO – Water to DataSensing as a ServiceBlended financehttps://www.pydro.com/Germany
BLUEDROP MEDICAL LIMITEDNextSTEPNext gen remote management of patients suffering from diabetic foot syndromeBlended financewww.bluedropmedical.comIreland
Equal 1 Laboratories Ireland LimitedQUENMLQuantum-enhanced Machine LearningBlended financehttps://www.equal1.com/Ireland
Sightec (Israel) Ltd.AUTOFLYGPS-free, beyond the visual line of sight navigation for logistics drones in urban environmentsBlended financehttps://www.sightec.com/Israel
FILTERLEX MEDICAL LTDCAPTISAn innovative Embolic Protection Device for stroke prevention during heart valve replacementBlended financehttps://filterlex.com/Israel
COLOSPAN LTDCG-100Temporary intraluminal bypass device designed to reduce the rate of diverting stoma and its related complication by at least 70%Blended financehttps://colospan.com/Israel
PLAS-FREE LTDClearPlasmaAn innovative filtration system to improve the coagulation properties of plasma units to treat patients with massive bleedingBlended financehttps://www.plas-free.com/Israel
Healium MedicalDMUTEasy to use, contactless Dual-Mode Ultrasound Technology for high accuracy treatment of Atrial Fibrillation, improving outcomesBlended financewww.healiumedical.comIsrael
BELKIN LASER LTDEyeAccessDirect Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (DSLT): Accessible glaucoma care in secondsBlended financehttps://belkin-laser.comIsrael
Compira Labs Ltd.FAST-STREAMSolving the ‘last-mile delivery challenge’ for quality Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming contentGrant firsthttps://www.compiralabs.com/Israel
FREEZEM CRYOGENICS LTDFreezeMRevivable insect preservation technologies pausing the life cycle of insects at egg or neonate larvae stages for empowering the insect farming industryBlended financehttps://www.freeze-em.com/Israel
Vascular Biogenics LTDOVALThe OVAL study for VB-111 treatment of platinum-resistant ovarian cancerBlended financehttps://www.vblrx.com/Israel
Cardiac Success Ltd.V-slingTranscatheter Ventricular Repair Device for treatment of Heart Failure PatientsBlended financehttps://www.cardiacsuccess.com/Israel
YonaLink LtdYL SystemA pioneer clinical trial management system to automatically collect, review and analyse prospective clinical trial data to prompt faster development of novel therapies.Blended financehttps://yonalink.com/Israel
AGADE srlAGADE(Anti-Gravity Active Device for Exoskeletons)An Anti-Gravity Active Device for Exoskeletons to Reduce the Impact of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Logistics, Retailing and Manufacturing Sectors.Blended financehttps://agade-exoskeletons.com/Italy
GreenBone Ortho srlGreenBoneThe Holy Grail in Bone regenerationGrant firsthttps://www.greenbone.it/it/home/Italy
Circular MaterialsSTOP WASTIN’ MESupercritical Treatment of Process Wastewaters from Surface Treatment Industry MEtalsGrant onlyhttp://www.circularmaterials.it/Italy
Ligence UABAI-driven cardiac ultrasound analysisAI-driven cardiac ultrasound analysisBlended financehttps://www.ligence.io/Lithuania
AQUABATTERY BVAquaBatteryA 100% sustainable and infinitely scalable electrical energy storage systemGrant first Netherlands
DENS BVDENS X4Hydrozine Generator for Zero-emission Power on DemandBlended financehttps://dens.one/Netherlands
DAWN AEROSPACE NEDERLAND B.V.DETOXDetox SatDrive PropulsionGrant firstwww.dawnaerospace.comNetherlands
Sympower B.V.Flex4ScaleFast and versatile real-time balancing of electricity demand flexibility: shaping a clean and levelled power grid in EuropeGrant firstsympower.netNetherlands
GATT Technologies BVGATT-OPSAUpscaling GATT-Patch production: One-Patch-Stops-All (OPSA) surgical bleeding and organ leakagesBlended financehttps://www.gatt-tech.com/Netherlands
XELTIS BVHeartRestoreNext-generation heart bypass grafts to naturally restore cardiovascular function.Blended financewww.xeltis.comNetherlands
QphoXQModemDeveloping the world’s first quantum modemBlended financehttps://qphox.eu/Netherlands
Fibriant B.VRECOFIBA unique commercially viable recombinant manufacturing platform for human fibrinogen (rhFib) & thrombin (rhThrBlended finance Netherlands
Allero Therapeutics BVSOMIT-CDNovel First-in-Class Specific Oromucosal Immunotherapy (SOMIT) to treat Celiac Disease (CD)Grant firsthttps://www.allerotherapeutics.com/Netherlands
CELERWAY COMMUNICATION ASCelerway GO miniCelerway GO mini, your office network in your pocketGrant onlyhttps://www.celerway.com/Norway
DigiFarmCropCloudDetecting the world’s most accurate field boundariesBlended financewww.digifarm.ioNorway
Ocean Oasis ASReWaterOffshore renewable and clean desalination of sea waterGrant firstwww.oceanoasis.coNorway
DAC Sp.z.o.o.DAC (Dynamic Air Cooling)Breakthrough cold generation technology for efficient & environmentally-friendly cooling.Grant firstwww.airenergy.inf.uaPoland
OrganicDisposables LtdFibriTechTechnology for 3D fibrous eco materialsBlended financefibri.techPoland
SC DOTLUMEN SRL.lumen – Glasses for the blind.lumen – Empowering the blindBlended financehttps://www.dotlumen.com/Romania
SIMPLICITY WORKS EUROPE SL3D BondingNew industrial process for footwear manufacturing using 3D BondingBlended financehttp://www.simplicity.works/Spain
AORTYX SLAORTYXRevolutionary vascular repair patch to treat aortic dissectionsGrant firsthttps://aortyx.com/Spain
ADVANCED MARKER DISCOVERY SLColoDixEarly detection of colorectal cancer in blood based on latest generation biomarkers and Artificial Intelligence toolsGrant firstwww.amadix.comSpain
SEQUENTIA BIOTECH SLMICKTranslational Microbiome PlatformBlended financehttps://www.sequentiabiotech.com/Spain
Novameat Tech, S.L.NewMEATNew Micro-extrusion Advanced Technology for plant-based whole-cut meat substitutesGrant onlyhttps://www.novameat.com/Spain
MYSPHERA SLPATHMAKERAn AI-Powered Visual Assistive Design IoT Pathway Platform to implement fast and optimal automated patient pathways and healthcare demand planning projectsBlended financehttps://www.mysphera.com/Spain
PALOBIOFARMA, S.LRESPIREDevelopment of the first oral disease-modifying treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)Blended financehttps://www.palobiofarma.com/Spain
Multiverse Computing SLSINGULARITYSINGULARITY: The first quantum software toolbox for financeBlended financehttps://www.multiversecomputing.com/Spain
WOOPTIX S.L.WARMWide Angle and Resolution MetrologyBlended financewww.wooptix.comSpain
IDOVEN 1903 SLWILLEM: AI to Reduce Cardiovascular DiseasesWILLEM: AI to Reduce Cardiovascular DiseasesBlended financeidoven.aiSpain
Scandinavian Real Heart ABArtOfHeartThe first Total Artificial Heart (TAH) that truly mimics the human heart and has the potential to revolutionise the marketGrant firsthttps://realheart.se/Sweden
Edvince ABEDVanceEDV2209 – a Paradigm shift in the treatment of stroke.Grant firsthttp://www.edvince.com/Sweden
Syntach ABHeart Function SupportInnovative, minimally invasive device to support the natural movement of the heart in heart failure patientsBlended financehttp://www.syntach.comSweden
AlignD Systems ABNanoWiNovel highly sensitive NanoWire sensors for disease biomarker analysisBlended financehttps://alignedbio.com/Sweden
Minalyze ABSensAI MiningSensAI: The digital transformation of the mining industry that will enable access to critical metals and minerals needed for the green transformationBlended financewww.minalyze.comSweden
H2GO Power Ltd.H2GenxAn innovative Plug&Play hydrogen-based green energy storage system for zero-emission, safe and reliable power supplyGrant onlyhttps://www.h2gopower.com/United Kingdom
Magdrive LtdMagdrive-NanoNext generation electric plasma propulsion for the new space ageGrant onlyhttps://www.magdrivespace.com/United Kingdom
OutThink LtdOUTTHINKThe first Cybersecurity Human Risk Management (CHRM) platformGrant onlyhttps://outthink.io/United Kingdom
Recycleye LtdRESOURCEREcovery of target materialS frOm mUnicipal solid waste stReams using artifiCial intelligencEGrant onlyhttps://recycleye.comUnited Kingdom
NOVA INNOVATION LTDUpTEMPOUpscaling Tidal Energy Manufacturing & Production OutputGrant onlywww.novainnovation.comUnited Kingdom

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