Thanks for your interest in our EIC Accelerator crash course!

Find below the links to the videos:

Strata’s mission: Helping science-based companies raise funding (1:29)

In this video, we present our mission.

EIC Accelerator general information (5:42)

In this video, we give a very brief introduction on the eligibility criteria of the EIC Accelerator. We also present how we at Strata help science-based startups secure EIC and EU funding.

EIC Accelerator: Critical Success Factors (10:45)

In this video, you will get an overview of the critical success factors of an EIC Accelerator application

EIC Accelerator: Choosing the right application strategy (3:35)

In this video, we review the four different types of applications (grant-only, grant-first, equity and blended finance) an applicant can submit to the EIC Accelerator and discuss some initial issues to consider when choosing the application strategy.

EIC Accelerator: Co-investment scenarios (2:56) 

In this video, we present the four different co-investment scenarios the EIC Fund establishes and explain how the EIC Fund differentiates between a qualified and unqualified round.

Gaining early market traction (6:56)

In this video, we explain how science-based companies can gain early market traction before they even have a product; a critical success factor when aiming to obtain EIC (or any other) funding!

EIC Accelerator. Building an effective work plan (4:55)

In this video, you will better understand how to adapt your project plan to  an EIC Accelerator application

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more or need support with an EIC Accelerator application.

We hope you like it. Please, we will be happy to know your feedback!


Strata team

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