“I am very happy to have met Strata, they did a very good job. It was surprising for me how well they understood our technology, how they got inside the project and the technology. I got the feeling that they understood things I hadn’t even explained, and it’s because they learnt very easily. They made a very good proposal because they understood the project very well and they have a deep knowledge of what is needed”.

Josep Montanyà, Founder and CEO of Nanusens (UK)

“We have only positive things to say about Strata. They have been very engaged and helpful throughout the whole process. We would not have succeeded without them”.

Jenny Johansson, Co-founder Sightic Analytics (f.k.a. Eyescanner) (Sweden)

“It was a very positive experience: the team was key to translating our vision and technical strategy into the appropriate work plan format; they were very understanding and they clearly did a very good job. The help and support from Strata was fundamental and the reason why we managed to succeed on the first attempt”.

Thomas Li, Co-founder and CTO at Chassis Autonomy (Sweden)

“We believe companies like Strata are important. We worked with two Strata members in particular, and it was always a very positive environment to collaborate, it was very well-structured, but still despite sometimes we had very urgent deadlines, it was a very positive atmosphere”.

Michael Sokolov, COO and Co-founder at DataHow AG (Switzerland)

“Working with the Strata team was great because they got onboard quickly and effectively. The team is very smart and understands fast, so they are efficient and meet deadlines”.

Henri de Lalande, CEO at Infrascreen (Switzerland)

“We wouldn’t have been able to apply without Strata. Applying for European grants without a partner like Strata would have been a waste of time. It’s a very tough process and to be honest when we were going on to the EIC website we were quite lost, so we found that we definitely needed a partner like Strata”.

Tom Andrews, Commercial Director at Levistor (UK)

“I think that the collaboration with the Strata team has always been really good. We’ve always been in touch with David, we’ve been in touch with other several team members over the years, and the whole experience was a very positive one. We’ve always had the impression that the Strata team is convinced that they can make it happen and, in the end, it worked”.

Alexander Nitsch, CEO at OxyPrem (Switzerland)

"We're incredibly thankful to Strata for their invaluable support throughout our recent grant application. Their deep understanding of our project was impressive, demonstrating their ability to grasp even the most intricate details. What stood out even more was their remarkable efficiency – they ensured every deadline was met promptly, relieving us of any time-related stress. Not only did Strata understand our project, but they also exhibited a profound grasp of the grant review process. Their expertise in presenting our application in a way that resonated with evaluators was truly remarkable. Their contribution was pivotal in making our application shine".

Nicolas Weber, Co-Founder & CEO at Voltiris (Switzerland)

"For me it has been extremely helpful to work with Strata because they have the experience that is required to structure this type of application; they know the problems of this application, what works and what doesn’t work. They also have challenged us to fully understand our project, to keep it simple and to think of the person that is going to read the application".

Thomas Krapf, Co-Founder & CEO at Riskwolf (Switzerland)

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