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Should Universities become investors?

Some world leading Universities and R&D institutes have created their own investment vehicles. However, is this a feasible innovation instrument for research entities? Are the

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The role of patenting in start-up fundraising

I am not a patent attorney nor I advise about patent strategies. I help startups with fundraising and my analysis about the suitability of the strategy derives from this

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Would the EU invest in my startup?

A new investor is in town and it is not the typical one. The European Commission enters the space of startup investment with a fresh

Research and innovation
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Financing for SMEs with the new Horizon Europe

The “Horizon Europe” framework, with an estimated budget between €80 and €90 billion, establishes the EU’s research and innovation programme for the years 2021-2027. Furthermore, an additional

Green Deal and Efficient Buildings
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The last call of the Horizon 2020 The European Commission has announced what will be the last and largest financing call of the Horizon 2020 framework

Data economy
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Regulating the new data economy

Should Internet giants be forced to open their data? There is an increasingly popular debate about the need of establishing new antitrust and anti-monopoly rules